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   Chapter 17 Two Mount Kun Bullies

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8156

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The adults were in the antechamber, seated, their children sat on their laps. They led a luxurious life, and the shadow plays*, even though created for children, bored them. However, since this was Yun Canglan's birthday bash, and the Crown Prince was in attendance, they had no choice but to sit quietly.

(*TN: This is an ancient form of entertainment in storytelling, which uses a source of light, a translucent screen where flat articulated cut-out figures moved between them.)

Behind the screen, two strong men created the illusion of four figures fighting, using shadow and light. The characters danced on, but Yun Canglan did not see. He wasn't paying attention.

The children's play was boring him. At 30 years old, Yun Canglan preferred more polished entertainment.

The audience paid close attention to the dynamics of play; therefore, no one noticed a faint scent that wasn't in the air moments prior, except Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan sat rigidly in his seat, straining to hear or see what was out there.

It was ruanjinsan*.

(*TN: Ruanjinsuan is a muscle relaxant.)

Yun Canglan kept a vigilant watch, as he looked around the dimmed room.

An attack such as this was formulated to be two-pronged and deftly eliminate all enemies. If the attackers poisoned the ministers in the General's House, Yun Yajun would appear the attacker, because no one would do such in his home. Yun Yajun appeared to be honest but sharp. He could undoubtedly consider this and devise a plan to protect them all. Of course, that meant he had to...

Yun Canglan opened his eyes wider.

The attackers wanted to ferret out where the secret forces were hiding at the General's House.

Nice try.

Only one man wanted Yun Yajun to be assassinated.

Yun Canglan looked at Huo Liuyun tenderly; he was watching the play and smiling.

'Liuyun, I can help you get the world, ' Yun Canglan thought, "if you betray me, though, I'll ruin your world."

During the play's climax, two clumsy characters fought in close quarters. The audience was captivated by the play, when the operators behind the screen shouted, "kill."

A voice boomed from behind the screen, "Time's up, you're all doomed." The audience thought it part of the play until the two characters disappeared, and the operators appeared on the stage, two broadswords each.

As a veteran general, Yun Yajun realized what was going on and rose to assist in defeating these s

age, in case you need to call on us."

The four of them left, the twins rode off, taking two bullies from Mount Kun as their prisoners, which also earned them great admiration from the people present. The teens' qinggong* form was flawless, another admirable trait, in two at such a young age, and they must be extraordinary.

(*TN: Qinggong is a technique in Chinese martial arts. Martial artists have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees.)

The differences between the twin heroes and Yun Canglan could be seen clearly, as Yun Canglan was sitting and crying bitterly.

Guests were looking over the Young Royal Highness, crying and saddened, shook their heads slowly.

The toxin, Ruanjinsan, had been removed, so Yun wasn't crying because of that. Yun Canglan was in shock and leaned into Huo Liuyun, clinging to him tightly. "Liuyun, I'm scared. Please, don't let them kill me."

Yun Yajun sighed and resigned to the fact, that while the family had served as Generals for two generations, Yun Canglan was an obvious coward and made trouble, which always managed to humiliate the family.

Huo Liuyun soothingly wiped Yun Canglan's tears, "There, there, it's okay. They are gone, and cannot harm you. Don't be afraid; I'll protect you."

Many ministers were in a state of shock. Yun Canglan was crying, and now no one was in the mood for celebrating a birthday, so one by one the families started leaving for their homes. The many tragic and bizarre events ruined the celebration.

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