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   Chapter 16 I Would Fix You

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The kids in the yard burst into tears when they saw Wu Yunling acting erratically. The children's hysterics reached the front hall, and the adults, who came running.

The two adults to reach the yard first, were the Grand Preceptor, Wu Ci, and Yun Yajun. They were shocked, and their faces did not hide it well. The sight of Wu Yunling rending her dress, which was already in tatters and exposed much of her skin, including her shoulders, was beyond what they had imagined might have happened.

The General and the Grand Preceptor were both capable of juggling tense situations, negotiating, waging war and leading. They paled to deathly white standing before this horrific display. Neither leader of men knew what to do or say. Wu Yunling was ruined, and a maiden with a destroyed reputation had no prospects of having suitors or being married.

"What?" The Grand Preceptor, Wu Ci waved his arms as he tried to find the words, "What has happened here? My baby! What?" Wu Ci walked up to Wu Yunling; he grabbed at her arms to try to prevent her from continuing. At that moment, she was even stronger than him, an adult male, so he knocked her out. She fell into his arms, silent and unmoving.

Yun Canglan saw Yun Yajun and immediately dashed to him, clinging to his arms, sobbing, "Dad, I was so scared, Wu Yunling went insane out of the blue. She was ripping and clawing at Liuyun, and tore his clothes off. She tried to come after me next." Yun was crying loudly, choking in the air and gasping, while Yun played the part of the injured party. He silently reasoned, 'I told you to watch it, or I would fix you!'

The Grand Preceptor was a kung fu master, Yun Canglan had found out.

Yun Canglan was loved and genuinely cherished by his father on the one hand, while on the other hand, Yun Yajun felt shame that he had a cowardly son.

As the other guests and dignitaries reached the backyard, they witnessed the awkward moment of father embraced by his son, Yun Canglan who was crying so hard he was choking. They wagged their heads, looking down on Yun Canglan's behavior while feeling embarrassment for such a heroic father.

Yun Yajun put his son on the ground and headed to Huo Liuyun. Standing before the Crown Prince, he saluted, "Please forgive my negligence, My Crown Prince. I am so very sorry this frightening experience occurred My Crown Prince." He cupped one fist in the other hand as he finished.

Huo Liuyun took Yun Yajun's hand absently, he shook it slowly, "It's not your fault, General. You could not have foreseen such a bizarre occurrence."

Wu Ci knelt in front of the Crown Prince, Huo Liuyun, and holding his daughter, Wu Yunling to his chest. He spoke, "This is my fault, Sire. I humbly ask for the punishment to be given to me. The distress and harm my daughter caused to happen to you, My Crown Prince, is a result of my poor upbringing. Please punish me, allow me to make amends." His head bowed, his voice low and carried a depth of overwhelming hopelessness mixed with sadness.

Huo Liuyun felt uneasy. Neither of these men was to blame. He gestured to Wu Ci, "Get up please, Grand Preceptor. You need to call the doctor to examine Yunling." Huo Liuyun glanced down at what remained of his clothes, with a lopsided smile to Yun Yajun. He sheepishly requested, "General, please purchase some suitable attire for me to wear."

Yun Yajun sprang to his feet immediately, to make amends for the Crown Prince, "Yes, right away My Crown Prince. Please wait, I won't be but a second." He disappeared into the house to make the arrangements.

"Respectfully, My Crown Prince, might I inquire?" Wu Ci paused, not knowing what or how to ask the Crown Prince, "Would you be so kind as to tell me if you know, what happened out here?" Wu Ci observed Huo Liuyun's reactions when he asked, eyeing him sharply. The Grand Preceptor was not as simple as Yun Yajun. He was the Civilian Minister and directed half of Can Kingdom.

What had happened today? why did his daughter go insane, there was no reason for this. He had checked the field straight away on entering the backyard, and all he found were the kids that were invited. Then who did this, and how? Was it? Could it be the Crown Prince did this? Was the Crown Prince set to ruin him? Perhaps not just him, was His Majesty after him?

Yun Canglan saw the situation folding required

managing, and yelled over to the Grand Preceptor, "Wu Yunling was showing her pretty dress. She clasped tightly onto Liuyun as if she would rape him."

"Canglan, that's nonsense, stop right now!" Yun Yajun saw Wu Ci and the others exchange glances when he turned to yell at Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan seemed afraid of his father as he ran to hide behind Huo Liuyun. When safe behind Liuyun, Yun Canglan poked his head out from behind the Crown Prince, and peering at Yun Yajun in a cowardly manner, continued to regale the guests, "I'm telling the truth! Wu Lunling ripped Liuyun's robe just as the girls did in Wanhong Brothel! When Liuyun pushed her away, she began to tear at her dress; it was bizarre and unnatural behavior."

Yun Yajun eyes narrowed, and ground his teeth muttering, "Bastard! How dare you go to Wanhong Brothel!"

The guests and other dignitaries present rocked their heads woefully. Indeed! How could a six-year-old child frequent a whorehouse.

Yun Canglan hid behind Huo Liuyun, so Yun Yajun could not get to him.

"Wu Yunye called me gay. So, I went to the Wanhong Brothel to prove I am bisexual. Wu Yunye went there too; the Grand Preceptor didn't punish him. Why are you mad at me for going, Dad?"

People watched the drama unfold expectantly looking to Wu Ci for a reaction. Wu Ci was enraged but wondered how much of what Yun Canglan claimed was the truth, and how much a fairytale, to give the high ranking officials tasty gossip.

Wu Ci considered the facts, 'Yun Canglan was just six, today. Could he be that clever? Was Yun Yajun behind this? Yun Yajun was a simple-minded man though. Could it be that His Crown Prince is behind it?'

Yun Yajun had heard other stories from the guests about Yun Canglan, and he grew more enraged.

"I heard a rumor that the Young Royal Highness was gay, not that I believe it!"

"You don't believe it? Well, I do after what I witnessed. I observed His Royal Highness Yun, violating Mister Feng Gui, who is the most exceptional boy of the Can Kingdom!"

"Oh well if you think that is bad, I saw he the other day. He was molesting a handsome boy while at the Yushi Restaurant. It was quite a scene; I saw Mister Feng Gui there as well!"

"Do you think Young Royal Highness is bisexual then?"

"He says so himself."

"What a wastrel he has been! If I had a son like him, I would rather kill him at birth instead of raising him!"

"General Yun Yajun is a hero. But look at his son. It is such a pity!"

"I expect the Yun's family will lose prestige and decline." One declared, snitching his teeth as he said it.


Yun Yajun's face burned with humiliation and fury; his eyes were dark and sinister looking as he screamed, "Yun Canglan, go to the ancestral hall now and kneel! You are to stay there, and may not eat for the day!"

Yun Canglan had never heard his father yell quite like that and grew more apprehensive, "Dad, today is my sixth birthday. What are you so angry about?"

Huo Liuyun interceded, hoping to smooth the way, "General Yun, Canglan is right, This is his birthday today. Everyone has come to celebrate his birth. You would look like a poor host; if you sent Canglan to the ancestral hall."

"Indeed, General Yun. His Royal Highness Yun is only a child of six." Wu Ci also spoke up for Yun Canglan.

"The Grand Preceptor is right, General Yun, please calm down. His Royal Highness is just a naughty child." The dignitaries and guests who were worldly-wise saw the benefits of agreeing with the Crown Prince and the Grand Preceptor.

Yun Canglan remained safely ensconced behind the Crown Prince, but with so many defenders, Yun raised his head proudly.

Yun Yajun remained infuriated about Yun Canglan's behavior, but the voices of reason were right, it would be highly inappropriate to punish him in front of so many others and during a celebration. He pierced Yun Canglan with a narrow threatening gaze, "Bastard, we will discuss this later." He then smiled at the crowd, "Everyone, please, follow me to the front hall. The shadow play will begin presently."

The joyful exclamations of the children rang through the halls as they raced back to the hall, forgotten was the incident that just happened. Wu Ci excused himself carrying his daughter gingerly away in his arms.

From there on out, Yun Canglan and Wu Yunling were bitter enemies.

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