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   Chapter 15 Rival in Love

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"Dad, who is this Sparrow?" Yun Canglan wanted to know.

Yun Canglan saw his dad excited for the first time.

Yun Yajun could barely contain his excitement, "Sparrow is a martial artist who saved my life several years ago." he narrowed his eyes at Yun, reminding him, "Don't be rude!"

A man of about 70 years of age, with a long white beard, entered the hall. Following closely behind the elderly man was a small boy who was about 7 or 8 years old and had the face of an angel. Yun Canglan noted that Sparrow dressed in the same garb as Sruthan had been, except the gentleman standing before them was cleaner and his clothes neater than he had been.

The young boy was preoccupied looking at the various faces as if he was looking for one in particular.

"General, it is nice to meet you." Sparrow said.

Yun Yajun immediately jumped up to greet him, "You are my benefactor, there is no need for you to be so formal!" Yun Yajun was talking rapidly, "The pleasure is mine absolutely! Please take a seat here in the top seat!"

Sparrow took his outstretched hand and shook it, "Thank you, but that won't be necessary. I'm here to celebrate His Royal Highness's birthday. Luosui!"

The boy, Luosui, nodded his head to Sparrow pulling a cloth bag. He approached Yun Canglan hesitantly.

"Yun Canglan?" the boy squeaked out.

Yun Canglan sprang from his chair, lunging forward, "My, what a pretty boy you are. Hey, Beauty, how old are you? Are you married? Are you engaged? What kind of people do you like?" What..."

"Bastard! Shut up!" Yun Yajun's face reddened as he began to feel humiliated and full of rage.

Guests shook their heads frowning disapprovingly, "His Royal Highness is not worthy to be taught." The idea of the praises they sang only moments before, made them nauseous.

The boy turned to look at his master Sparrow, disgusted at Yun Canglan's comments, "Master, are you sure?"

Sparrow nodded his head with an unfathomable smile.

Looking to Yun Canglan again, the young boy handed the bag to Yun Canglan, "This is for you. Remember, my name is Hua Luosui."

Yun Canglan took the bag smiling, "Is it a token of your love for me?" Yun goaded. "Do you have a crush on me?" Though I'm still a child, please, let me introduce myself, I'm Yun Canglan, and I am from Can City of Can Kingdom. My father is Yun Yajun, the Dingguo Duke. My mother is Lin Wan'er, the most beautiful girl in Can City ten years ago. My grandfather is Yun He, and he is a retired general. My grandmother... I've never seen her. My maternal grandmother is Shu Yun, the most beautiful girl fifty years ago. My maternal grandfather... My mother said his rival in love killed him. I'm; I'm six years old and unmarried. Beauty, is there anything else you would like to know about me? Are your parents easy going? You..."

"Shut up!"

Hua Luosui turned to talk to his Master while considering the talk he had heard. Rumors that His Royal Highness of Can Kingdom was a homosexual. The story, it seemed, was correct. Did father and master find the wrong person?

"Master, let's leave now!" Hua Luosui turned away disgusted, Yun Canglan's gaze on him made him sick.

Sparrow chuckled and smiled over at Yun Canglan with knowing eyes; it was as if he saw through her disguise. When this silent exchange ended, he turned to Yun Yajun: "We will be leaving now, there is no need to show us out, thank you."

With his benefactor leaving, Yun Yajun was displeased and blamed Yun Canglan. He shot Yun a stern look while asking the two to stay: "Sparrow, you..."

"I see no reason for you to persuade us to stay longer. We'll meet again if we are destined to."

Sparrow strode out, with Hua Luosui following behind.

The banquet hadn't begun, and Yun Yajun chatted with guests. Yun Canglan was bored of sitting, so he and Huo Liuyun left the hall and went to the backyard. There were several kids following them.

"My Crown Prince, do you like my dress, it was made special for today by my mother." A girl by the name of Wu Yunling was shyly smiling while gripping her dress on either side to display her new dress to the Cr

own Prince.

Yun Canglan didn't get along with Wu Yunling, because Wu Yunling always sought out Liuyun's attention. As Wu Yunling flirted, Yun Canglan became angrier, and were it not that she was the little daughter of Grand Preceptor; Yun would teach the conniving chit a lesson.

Among the kids who went to the yard, the only girl was Wu Yunling. The boys must've thought she was pretty, they were drooling all over her boots.

"It wouldn't matter what you wore, you would be pretty!"

"You were born pretty!"

"Every time I see you, you look more beautiful."

Wu Yunling looked up at Huo Liuyun her eyes widening, demurely touching his sleeve, "Do you think I am pretty, My Crown Prince?"

Yun Canglan angrily scowled reflecting on Wu Yunling's behavior staring, 'The Girl is acting like a disgrace, she should be mindful of her hands and where they wander.'

Yun Canglan pushed Wu Yunling back before Huo Liuyun had a chance to react, Yun took Huo Liuyun's hand in his and flashed Wu Yunling a fierce look as he dismissed her, "Go, leave us alone!"

Wu Yunling was annoyed with Yun Canglan as she spat out, "You..."

Wu Yunling didn't get a chance to finish her thought before Yun Canglan cut her off, "These boys only tell you the lie that you are pretty out of fear of what your father, the Grand Preceptor will do. Why just the other day, even your brother, Wu Yunye abused the power of the Grand Preceptor, as he beat a harmless beggar on the street. Numerous people saw the mindless abuse. Now, you demand we call you pretty, even though it is a lie. Go look in the mirror. Without makeup, you pass for a ghost at night! Change your clothes and sit on the street, and strangers would toss money to you. If you were a prostitute though, you would be a virgin forever. That is how ugly you are!"

Wu Yunling pointed at Yun Canglan angrily stammering, "Yun Canglan," Tears flooded her cheeks, as she turned to Huo Liuyun hoping he would intercede, "My Crown Prince, he bullies me. Waah..."

Wu Yunling used this opportunity to trip, stumbling forward, and she fell into the Crown Prince's arms. Yun Canglan watched the spectacle, becoming angrier. Yun Canglan mused, 'Wu Yunling, maybe only nine, but already she knows how to seduce a man like her aunt Lady Lian*. What then when she grows up? How dare she attempt to seduce my man!'

(*TN: Lady Lian is a concubine of the Emperor.)

Yun Canglan flailed her arms around trying to separate Huo Liuyun from Wu Yunling. No one seemed to notice or care about Yun's actions.

"My Crown Prince, she bullies me. Waah." Wu Yunling continued her deceptive ploy.

Yun Canglan's arms wildly swinging gave Wu Yunling the chance to cling to Huo Liuyun tighter, as she clutched at his shoulders, Huo Liuyun instinctively wrapped his arms around Wu Yunling protectively.

Yun Canglan suddenly stopped, his sadness could be seen in his eyes, "Liuyun, how dare you!" Yun's hurt was replaced with anger as quickly, "Fine; you two are perfect for each other. I'll not talk to you anymore."

Huo Liuyun tried to release Wu Yunling alarmed at Yun Canglan's reaction. However, Wu Yunling wouldn't let him go, she tore and ripped his clothes as if she was crazy.

The kids present stood mouths agape, silently trying to understand what had just happened, and how to react. Yun Canglan appeared heartbroken, but there was a faint sneer on his lips, and gleam in his eyes. He was filling with pride at not being observed when he threw a pill into Wu Yunling's mouth too rapid to be seen.

The pill was developed by Yun Qi, and made sane people insane; they named it "Chidian Pill".

Huo Liuyun was stunned momentarily. Even though he sat in a shredded robe, and his underwear showed, Wu Yunling continued to tear his remaining clothes. Huo Liuyun pushed her away forcibly, which made her tear at her own clothes. Within minutes the boys in the yard could see through what remained of her dress to her pink bra.

"What's wrong with her?"

"She has gone insane! The daughter of Grand Preceptor is mad!"

"Help! The daughter of the Grand Preceptor is insane!"

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