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   Chapter 13 Come Under My Tutorship

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5845

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In the western suburbs, outside Can City

Out in the wilderness stood a decaying temple. It was in utter a ruin, inside and outside. There was a thick layer of dust covering the statues; some stone walls had begun crumbling back into the earth; the once great doors now barely hanging, screeching as the wind tossed them. The windows covered in cobwebs swayed with the breeze. The webbings covered with dirt littering the table hinted the temple hadn't been use for many generations.

A tablet hung lopsided above the door, it read: Wanyan Temple. There was a rumor that the temple had once been a hotspot used by couples to come and pray for a happy marriage. The incense would burn in the temple all the time, and had been as crowded as a marketplace. However, now the temple appeared bleak and desolate.

Shui Minghan followed Yun Canglan, looking at the surroundings in confusion. When Yun Canglan told him they would be meeting someone, he did not know what the setting was, but he had no idea it would be a decrepit place like this one.

Yun Ri acted with the same polish as the other underlings did, so it was no surprise when he stopped outside the door when Yun Canglan entered the temple. Shui Minghan glanced at him but continued to follow Yun Canglan into the temple.

"Good boy, you have finally arrived. You decided to accept the offer and come under my tutorship, have you? Hahaha." Yun Canglan had barely stepped into the temple, and the old beggar was already discussing studying kung fu, vigorously. The old man had unkempt hair and his beard still had bits of chicken, and he clutched the rest of the leg in his hand eating with zeal; excited that Yun Canglan had finally come.

Yun Canglan backed up a few paces seeing the dirty man approaching, "Stay back old man; you are covered in filth!" he said disgusted.

"You brat! How dare you treat me disrespectfully? An apprentice should not be rude to his master, at anytime or for any reason."

Yun Canglan sneered at the old man, "You are not my master! I do not want to study kung fu."

The old man snorted angrily, railing, "You brat! Why you can't tell good from bad. I have refused many people who wanted to be my apprentice. You should feel honored because I thought you deserving of studying under me." the old man paused, before continuing his tirade. "As one of the most fearsome kung fu masters in Jianghu*, I was easygoing yet refined, dignified and incomparable. Many people were charmed by …"

(*TN: Jianghu is the community of martial artists.)

"Stop, stop, stop …" Yun Canglan snapped impatiently, "When you were at your peak, I wasn't even born, so stop your blathering."

"You brat!" The old man bit harshly into the chicken leg as if he was able to bite Yun Canglan by gnashing harder on the leg. His eyes looked sad because he had been looking forward to taking Yun Canglan under his tutorship.

'Our meeting

each other was luck. There were rumors that the Royal Highness was slow. More stories pointed to him also being a wicked, willful and slightly awkward child. He acted contrary to the role of a dutiful son, and he was the black sheep of the family. Everyone despised him. I was shocked when he showed his prudence and acute awareness of his surroundings. What had struck me most though, was that his physique was ideally suited to the art of kung fu. I thought it was regrettable that this boy did not have the determination for kung fu. I had pleaded with him many times to no avail.

I had been waiting for him at this rundown temple for a couple of months now. This brat had come finally, only to tell me that he hadn't changed his mind.'

"Well, what are you here for then?" The old man was too embarrassed to talk to Yun Canglan.

"I brought you a good apprentice. He has a solid form and is qualified to learn your kung fu." Yun Canglan pointed his finger to the man behind him.

"Him?" The old man looked Shui Minghan over assessing him; he contemplated the positives and negatives before he blurted, "Qualified, maybe, but he is not as excellent as you would be."

"I am not a fan of kung fu." Yun Canglan repeated.

"OK, Ok. I won't be alive forever and I guess it is better to have a willing apprentice than none at all." The old man turned to Shui Minghan, "What's your name, boy?"

Shui Minghan didn't till then know the reason why he had come here to meet the old man. Although the old man was untidy, Shui Minghan was respectful and told him his name: "My name is Shui Minghan."

"Your family name is Shui?" The old man was baffled and looked at Shui Minghan, "I, Sruthan, accept you as an apprentice at Yun Canglan's request. It does not matter who you are, I am your Master, you will obey my orders, agreed?"

Shui Minghan opened his eyes wide with disbelief: "You are Sruthan? Fifty years ago you were the number one kung fu expert in the world. Your fearsome kung fu and your sword, Breaking Heaven, could beat anyone in three moves. You cleaned up the evil forces in Jianghu, killing several hundred members of the Monster Mob solo."

"I have lived in seclusion for years, and I did not know I was even remembered. You are a good boy." Sruthan looked over at Yun Canglan proudly.

"See, I was famous. Will you change your mind and come under my tutorship now?"

Yun Canglan had no interest in learning Kung Fu and shook his head, no.

"Mater." Shui Minghan said and fell on his knees to complete the ceremony.

Sruthan nodded: "All right, stand up! I am your Master, you will follow me right away."

"All right, Master."

"Wait, " Yun Canglan interrupted, "Shui Minghan, you have ten years. Our agreement will come into force when you return; otherwise it will be cancelled."

"Yes, don't?worry. When I return, I will be ready and prepared to fulfill our agreement."

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