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   Chapter 10 I Feel Hot

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Yun Canglan smirked, "Fine, I'll shut up, but I still want to kick him too."

The boy on the ground stared vehemently up at Yun Canglan.

Stunned, Wu Yunye and onlookers shook their heads. What a shame, Yun Canglan's father was a battlewise general, but he was totally unreasonable.

Yun Canglan kicked the boy cursing at him as Wu Yunye did, "Bastard! Don't you know he is the second son of the Grand Preceptor?" Yun mocked, "The Grand Preceptor is so powerful that he can easily kill you. You shouldn't have offended his second son. Bastard! You deserve this. You are nothing but an insect to him. How foolish you are. I'm doing this on behalf of His Majesty. You know what, even His Majesty has to obey the Grand Preceptor because the Grand Preceptor has military power. The Grand Preceptor can replace His Majesty if he wants. He is like His Majesty's father, so his son is like the emperor. How dare you get in his way?"

Although Wu Yunye was a good-for-nothing boy at about 14 years old, he knew the stakes in the official circles and sensed that Yun Canglan was causing trouble for his family.

"Hey, stop!" Wu Yunye said, "Don't you hear me?"

Yun Canglan stopped and gave Wu Yunye a confused look. "What's wrong, am I'm not being ruthless enough? I'll do better." He said before turning attention back to the child, "You bastard…"

"Stop!" Wu Yunye cried out as he covered Yun Canglan's mouth and lifted him, ignoring his struggle.

"Let go of him." An awe-inspiring but young voice could be heard from the crowd. Huo Liuyun pushed his way forward pulling Wu Yunye and Yun Canglan apart, before squatting to gently fondle Yun Canglan's cheeks.

"Who are you?" Wu Yunye demanded. "He deserves it." He continued, while wondering why something must go wrong every time he encountered Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan was out without his servants, so he felt he should teach Yun Canglan a lesson. "Leave us alone, or…" he began.

"Or? Or what?" Huo Liuyun gave Wu Yunye a cold arrogant stare.

"I... I am the second son of Grand Preceptor. Do you know who Grand Preceptor is?" Wu Yunye tripped over his words in frustrated shock as he bragged, "He is a capable assistant of His Majesty. More importantly, my father is the brother of Lady Lian, who His Majesty favors."

With an evil smile Huo Liuyun raised his eyebrows and spat in mock horror, "Canglan, see? He is a relative of His Majesty. We can't afford to offend him. We should just go."

Yun Canglan walked up to Huo Liuyun obediently, put his hand on his neck and uttered a snorting laugh. "Liuyun, Oh no! I offended a relative of His Majesty. Will I be killed? I'm so scared."

Hearing his words, Wu Yunye stood proudly, with his chest puffed out, hands on his hips, and chin high.

Huo Liuyun patted Yun Canglan in a spoiled way. "Yes. You know, Lady Lian is his aunt."

"Let's just go." Yun Canglan pretended to run away with Huo Liuyun while murmuring to himself, "We can't afford to offend him. However, I saw Lady Lian make way for you, and her son had to salute you. Moreover, their seats were behind yours at the state banquet. Why?"

Yun Canglan's voice was low, but Wu Yunye heard clearly and finally guessed who Huo Liuyun was. He should have realized Yun Canglan's buddy was the crown prince!

He dropped to his knees and drenched in sweat, smelling of fear.

Yun Canglan said, "You're sweaty. It's hot, isn't it? "Hey, help your master take off his clothes. It's so hot that he may suffer sunstroke."

The servants looked at their master who knelt on the ground. Suddenly, a gust of wind came, making them tremble.

"Yes. I feel hot." Wu Yunye said as he removed his coat.

"Do you still feel hot? Go on. Liuyun, look, he is dripping with sweat."

Huo Liuyun laughed in agreement. Wu Yunye had no choice but to take off his shirt, leaving him there in his underwear.


"Do you still feel hot?" Yun Canglan asked, "Why not take off your underwear?" Yun Canglan joked. The onlookers laughed at Wu Yunye, but Yun Canglan didn't want to go too far.

Wu Yunye refused. "No…"

"No thanks. We're good friends, so we should help each other." Yun offered, "Since you don't feel hot, you should just go home, or your father may be angry. It's humiliating after all to strip yourself naked in public."


Wu Yunye held himself tightly and turned pale

with fright, as his servants picked up his clothes and left with him.

"How naughty of you." Huo Liuyun looked at Yun Canglan shaking his head.

Yun Canglan stuck the tongue out. "He deserved it. I should have stripped him fully."

"Shame on the Grand Preceptor."

"Ho ho…"

Yun Canglan turned to look back at the boy who was staring up at him with a blank look. He glared and said in disgust, "Go to hell."

With a vacant look on his face, Huo Liuyun stood looking up at the gate of a brilliantly lit and luxuriously decorated brothel. The air was filled with the strong smell of cheap perfumes. Some seductively dressed women waved their handkerchiefs to solicit customers and flirted with those passing by.

Yun Canglan chuckled as Huo Liuyun blushed turning scarlet.

"Canglan, this is the unique and luxuriously decorated place that you mentioned? There are singing and dancing girls and we will have fun here?"

Huo Liuyun pointed to the brothel and asked in confusion.

Yun Canglan nodded. "Yes. Look, it's quite different from other restaurants. It's beautifully decorated and we can enjoy the singing and dancing here. I can even hear from out here. I'm sure this is the place we want."

"You have come here before?" Huo Liuyun frowned and wondered why a five-year-old child knew of such a place.

"No." Yun Canglan shook his head. "My father said I couldn't come here, but Wu Yunye has been here. I'll lose face if I don't come."

"Lose face?" Huo Liuyun was surprised.

"Yes. Wu Yunye laughed at me. That's why I have to come here. Let's go in." After finishing her words, Yun Canglan dragged Huo Liuyun into the building.

The procuress, Lady Yue, greeted the two as they entered the Wanhong Brothel, "Welcome. How handsome you look. It's your first time here, right? Wow, you even come with your younger brother. Boys like you often come here, but not many bring their younger brothers."

Huo Liuyun thought he had to leave, so he pulled Yun Canglan toward the exit.

Lady Yue rushed forward to stop them.

"Don't be shy. I have met many boys like you. Don't worry. I'll ask a tender and skilled girl to serve you."

"No, I don't…"

Huo Liuyun blushed and didn't know what to do, but Yun Canglan looked around with curiosity.

"Lady Yue, he is shy. Tonight we just want a singing girl, next time we come we will request more."

"Canglan, stop." Huo Liuyun said angrily. Yun Canglan stuck out his tongue at him. "We want the most popular courtesan. My brother doesn't like inferior girls."

"How smart you are, but Lan Yue doesn't feel well, so she can't sing to you. How about Hua Qiao? She is the best singer here." Lady Yue offered as a replacement. As Huo Liuyun didn't know what to do, he turned to Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan wriggled free from Huo Liuyun's arms, put his hands on his hips and shouted, "Are you kidding me?" "Do you really think we can't afford it? Ask that client to leave. I know the rule here well. I just want Lan Yue."

"Lan Yue really doesn't feel well. How about picking another girl?" Lady Yue wondered in surprise how such a little boy knew so much. 'Who is he? Why does he come here at such a young age?' She thought to herself.

"No. I won't leave until I meet Lan Yue. You know what, His Majesty is my…" Huo Liuyun stopped Yun Canglan by covering his mouth. If he continued, he would suffer.

"Forget it. We'll leave now."

"No. I won't." Yun Canglan just sat on the ground, pouting. Anyway, he was a child, so he could act shamelessly.

Lady Yue looked at Yun Canglan and didn't know what to do. Huo Liuyun was still terrified. Judging from their clothes and temperament, she could tell they must have been born with silver spoons. However, the client that Lan Yue was entertaining was also a big shot.

"Well, I'll go to talk with Lan Yue. Please wait upstairs. Xiao Yun, show them the way."

There were some orchids on the window sill. Occasionally people passed by the elegant window. A painting by nobody hung on the wall, which made the vulgar room elegant.

Yun Canglan and Huo Liuyun sat at the square wooden table in the room. Yun Canglan finished the snacks, and left some crumbs on the table.

Wiping his mouth, Yun Canglan burped. "Liuyun, I want to go to the loo. Wait for me here. Don't leave."

Then he agilely jumped off the chair and ran away.

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