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   Chapter 1 Prelude (Dark Phoenix)

Fire Phoenix By TIMOTHEA FAIRBANK Characters: 2054

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The current world, divided into two continents which held seven kingdoms altogether.

One continent was called Water, and the other was Fire. On the continent Water, four kingdoms ruled; these were Lie, Si, Feng, and Jin. On the continent Fire, three kingdoms rules; these were Chi, Ling and Can.

For over one thousand years, the two continents had a long-standing feud and continuously warred with each other. As time went, the conflicts between the seven countries increased.

Fortunately, apart from wars springing up now and then, they were able to trade and communicate as their language and currencies were similar. Overall, for one thousand years, they resided in a neutral state.

This, however, was about to be changed as the prediction of the Fearless Armor unfolded.

Currently, four recluses were living in the world. They were considered the almighty and known as Fearless Armor, Sruthan, Sparrow, and Kenway.

Fearless Armor, known for his powerful analytical capabilities. Rumor had it he mana

ges the whole continent. Sruthan, who was ranked first in the world for his fearsome martial arts skills. It had been many decades since a challenger could beat him. Sparrow was lithe and swift as the name suggested, with the ability to move at superhuman speed. He could also tell others' fortunes that made him quite well-known. Kenway, a medical specialist, cured thousands with his magic hands. He was also known for his expertise as an apothecary.

The four had made their names five decades ago. No one knew where they were now, because three decades ago, for some reason unknown, they chose to fade into obscurity. The mysterious manner in their disappearance became the unsolved puzzle of the century.

Then about one year ago, a prediction spread across both continents. Many believed it to have been Fearless Armor who started it.

Fire Phoenix landed in the world with seven male birds accompanied. Feathers gathered together as water and fire mingled. Waves roared among heads as the world united into one.

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