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   Chapter 1 It started with a curse

26 and Counting By _xxnn Characters: 1863

Updated: 2018-07-04 10:13

She shifted on bed, body tossing around and finally settled when her alarm went off. Groaning, she reached for her phone and tossed it slowly after turning off the alarm. She settled on her bed, dazing off for a minute or two, before decided it was time to get up. Lazily, she walked towards the door -bed left untidy- and straight to the kitchen.

"Morning, " she greeted her dad.

Her dad just nodded at her, he was used to his daughter attitude. "There's pancakes on the table."

She smiled at that and quickly went to brush her teeth, make herself a cup of hot cocoa, and piling her plate with layers of pancakes. She was enjoying her breakfast, until her dad broke the question.

"Anna, when are you going to get a job?"

She halted and looked at her father guiltily. " Emm... soon?"

Her father sighed and continued watching television. Not wanting to be around for any longer, she ate her breakfast quickly and di

d the dishes. She walked back to her room and made her bed. She took a quick shower (well, she never takes her sweet time in the bathroom anyway) and dressed in her casual outfit - t-shirt, cardigan, black pants and minimal makeup. Bidding her dad goodbye, she went out to meet her friend.

She lives in an apartment, 7th floor and on her way out, she bumped on her neighbors - two males in their 20's, she assumed. They are good looking but Anna wasn't interested. But her eyes instead found another man with her neighbors. He is ok but there's a bump on his forehead, his lip cut, and dried blood on his cheek.

'Holy shit. You look shit.'

"Excuse me, but what?" one of his neighbors asked suddenly and the question made her jumped. Did she said it out loud?

She maintained her poker face but she could feel cold sweats trickling on her forehead when three pairs of eyes were on her. "What?" was all she could said.

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