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The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 2406

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3 years later....

Elena walked along the pathway, she held Emma's hand tightly as she neared the cemetery. Every month on the 13th she came alone and sat with James who was a son to her for so many years and ella and katherine two beautiful spirits who had lightened both her and james's worlds.

Emma came along a year after james and ellas' death. James and katherine had sorted out a will after they married years ago. James had always been a man who kept all his affairs in order. His bills paid early and so on.

They left the estate to her and a significant sum of money. They donated 2/4's of their money to a charity of elena's choice. She chose two, cancer awareness and the campaign against drink driving.

bench and I'm going to tell you a story of a handsome Prince, a beautiful girl and their little princess who got pulled apart by an evil witch..."

Emma nodded sitting on the bench opposite the grave, with a gold plaque commentating the three at rest. She listened as her mother told her the story of a live so great it was thought it couldn't be broken but they were wrong. Until one day the couple found each other again and... well in a way lived.

"Happily ever after."

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