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   Chapter 28 body count

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 4376

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She cleared her voice. She wasn't good at speaches she never had been and probably never would. But she had watched james stand infront of his employees and tell them that they would all receive a cut in salary. She had witnessed james speak to thousands through a television interview. He always spoke with passion.

And as elena was sitting up last night trying to scribble a few notes for her speach on an index card she hoped there was enough passion and love in her words.

She watched the pair fall in love and break apart. She was and no doubt would always be the silent witness when it came to the saunders family.

"Im not good at making speaches" she began. Her fingers playing with the folded corner of her first index card. Folding it over and unfolding it.

"I never make them but.." She looked at the casket in the middle of the church "today is under different circumstances"

Why had she said she would do this her hands where sweating profusely. Her legs itched to run back to the pew she was in before she got up. But she swallowed the lump in her throat and continued.

"When I first started working for james he was alone. Just fresh out of college and preparing himself to take over the family company. He was depressed but what adult isnt. One day he brought home a beautiful gir

. ...

Elenas pov

The phone rang at half 10. I was just about to get in bed. But I answered.

It was the hospital. As I listened to the words on the other end of the phone I felt my legs begin to give out underneath me. How could this be happening?

I raced up the stairs and threw on the first thing I could find. The outfit I had worn to the funeral.

And as I drove my head was spinning. Thoughts of the funeral, a crash the doctors had said, critical condition the doctor has said. I'm so sorry the doctor had finished there was a lorry and a cross road junction. And a lot of blood

No. This cant be happening.

Arrived at the hospital and pulled out my phone to make one last call.

"Hello marks and sons funeral home" the lady's voice had answered

"Hi I would like to arrange the funeral of an adult and a child. The body's will need collected"

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