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   Chapter 27 my part

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The clock in the hall chimed at 12 o'clock. The house was quiet everything and everyone at a standstill. James gave them the day off. But of course the staff would attend the funeral. Elena refused to leave the house. Ella she was devastated.

Katherines presence was an obvious absence and was taking its toll.

The herse was to arrive five minutes ago and james stood looking out the window waiting impatiently. His eyes switching between his designer watch and the double paned window. The seconds hand kept moving and every minute that went by he became more on edge. Where was she?

Ella had asked the same question last night as james tucked her into bed.

"Where is mum?" She looked into his tired eyes and lay a hand on his cheek.

"Is she in heaven?" She looked so hopeful whatever answer she got she would live with for the rest of her life.

"She is looking over you princess" he found himself whispering

Ella looked on her dresser at a picture of her and her mother laughing and playing on the swings at the park. Katherines mother had taken it before she had gotten sick. Before she lost weight and her skin had lost its colour the glow of happiness she had about her gone. This was the way james hoped that ella remembered her mother because that was Katherines true self she always carried with her an air of peacefulness and joy.

The herse pulled up the long drive and the drivers got out to help lift katherine from the back. James opened the door and allowed them in.

The men looked down as they entered as a mark of respect to the mourners and thier home. James brought them to where katherines body would be kept until the funeral in two days time.

He and elena alongside katherines mother had discussed it at length. A room katherine loved more than anything in this house. The music room would be where she rested. James loved this room only when she was with him the record player playing a slow melody. And katherine twirling around the room carefree. All beautiful

moon and dismantle the sun.

Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.

For nothing now can come to any good

Katherine was my wife a beautiful woman who saw good in every person. A woman who helped me find good in myself. I didn't think one person could have such a big impact on the world i often viewed one person as weak and helpless against the world but she showed me how wrong I was. Katherine changed my life and every single person in here. She impacted so many people. Her daughter was raised single handed by Katherine and she has been moulded perfectly by a perfect woman. I messed her around threw her out of my house but when I found out the truth she was willing to call a truce. She came back to me with open arms and helped mend my broken heart for i missed out on the lobe we shared and helping her rear my lovley daughter.

When we where young and madly in love out on a date laying on the hood of my car. We sat watching the stars j remeber her saying a few words...

She told me when she dies she wanted to be remembered as a good person, who was loved, who was cherished and honourable.

Well I can say proudly i have never met a better woman. A woman with more heart. Faith and love than Katherine Marie saunders"

There was a round of applause as james finished and Elena got up to say her part....

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