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The bed was soft. Comfortable. The sheets where light and gentle against katherines skin. She lay up waiting.

Her family gathered around in the small room. This was it and she knew it.

She looked at the faces of those who had stuck by her the last couple of months of her life. The people she tried to protect from the pain. But now they know. Now they are feeling it probably one hundred times stronger. She felt guilt Rippling through her body stinging her more than the cancer had.

She smiled at her mother. The woman who birthed her. The one who Looked after ella when she needed a break or had to go to work or had her secret appointments. The woman who raised her single handed. "Mom please look after my baby. Make sure her dad doesn't forget to lift her from school, make sure he gives her a balanced meal and no junk food, make sure she knows i love her. And please make sure my husband doesn't fall apart" she held her mothers hand between hers. Her old wrinkled skin felt rough against katherines soft moisturised hands. Her mother nodded. She couldnt bring herself to say anything. "I love you mom and I loved daddy too"

Katherine looked over to her best friend lilly and smiled at her the pain in her eyes was evident but she smiled through it like she had been doing the last few months of her life. "Well girly, this is it now you have to fight them men of yourself" she chuckled a little but frowned when she saw a tear slide down lillys cheek. Her heart broke into a thousand little peices as she saw her bestfriend in tears. "Lilly dont cry we are bitches for life and after. I love you. Make sure that my baby girl remembers me. Ill always be with her and you" lilly bent down embracing katherines frail body in her arms. She hated this she knew this part would be the hardest goodbyes always where for her.

Katherine looked at both of the saunders standing tall beside lilly. She had grown so used to seeing thier smiles everyday. They took her as thier own from the moment james introduced them to her and for that she would be forever grateful. "Sandra, casper i want to thank you for letting me part of your family. I dont have a big family and you made me feel at home. Enveloping me in love each and eve

red about?

She took a deep breath and spoke to them all as a group. "I love you all. Stay together as a family. Help eachother, support eachother and know i will be with you all in everything you do. Watching over like your guardian Angel. Take care of my baby. All of life is an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. This is my goodbye to you. Until we meet again"

With that the room drew silent as they watched katherines eyes flutter shut. James watched her hand that was still resting on his cheek, fall to the bed. And the machine monitoring her heart let out a low beep as his wifes heart flat lined. He looked at katherine laying peacefully at rest. It was then the tears came. She was gone.

He felt his mother wrap her arms around him but he sat on the bed staring at her features lifeless wishing her eyes would open again. Wishing she would sit up in the bed and give him one last kiss but she didn't. She lay. Skin cold motionless. His world came crumbling around him. He broke.

His wife was gone.

The doctor came in with a sorrowful look on his face. He was speaking but james wasnt listening. Arrangements needed to be made. The doctor left after giving his condolences. The family huddled together in a group hug. All mourning their loss.

Ella looked around at her daddy and granny at thier sad faces. She looked at her sleeping mommy and spoke.

"Its ok daddy mommy is our guardian Angel now and you have me"

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