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   Chapter 25 goodbye

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5372

Updated: 2018-08-20 21:43

James pov

I wanted to. But i couldn't. She was in pain and i dont want to hurt her more.

"Katherine i-"

Her eyes became glassy "please james. I want to feel like a proper couple. For the past few weeks it feels like I've been dreaming and i will soon wake up. I want to feel your need for me."

I love katherine. I know i do but she has a point our relationship has been so pure so innocent. Thats not us. We never were pure or innocent.

I brought her to our room and lay her gentely down on the bed. The blanket moulds around her. Her hair was spread out behind her making her look like she had been grabbed and flung to the sheets by a mad man. But then again its exactly what i am.

She looked up at me through her dark lashes and smiled her arms wrapping themselves around my neck she pulled me down to meet her lips.

Her sweet taste had me gripping what little control i had left over my body. Before I ravished her completely. I pushed my tounge into her mouth. She accepted it and our tounges danced together.

Our hands explore eachother like they had all those years ago. Cherishing every crevice, lump and bump.

She unbuttoned my white shirt quickly her delicate fingers roaming my chest and abdomen with such gentle strokes igniting a flame which had been burried deep inside of me for a very long time.

My body stood to attention. Her hips pushed into my groin and she knew what she was doing but she had no intentions of stopping. My hands explored the curves of her waist. Her top riding up exposing her mid riff teasing me. Taunting me.

My hands move quickly to tear

erines mother for me. Giving status updates every half hour and replemishing the coffee i held in my hand so I never once ran out.

Doctor sharky walked into the waiting room and moved us in to a special family room. We shook hands and sat down.

"I love being a doctor but it can be hard delivering news like this to a family" he begins and keeps eye contact with us as he speaks. My mouth goes dry.

"But your wife was successfully resuscitated and will be awake within the next five hours" he smiles meekly and looks at the ground

"Well then what do you hate about telling people that" elena laughs trying to lighten the mood

He smiles grimly at her "Well this is the problem mr saunders. Once she wakes up she will be weak. So weak she may barley finish her goodbyes" his voice was soft, so soft it was almost inaudible but i heard and so did the girls.

Ella let out a cry and all elena could do was look at the ground and murmur "that's the part you hate. I understand now"

My heart was beating in an unsteady rhythm. I'm not ready to say goodbye.

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