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   Chapter 24 LOVE

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James left the hospital and headed to work. the company was facing a legal issue and he needed to be alert and in the office in time to meet another lawyer. Katherine had to leave her job months ago, she hadn't told him until he found out she was sick. she was heart broken she loved working and she knew she wouldn't get to do what she loved again once she gave it up.

He wanted her to feel comfortable, he wanted her to enjoy her life and live in the moment.

He sat in his office chair but he couldn't read the files in front of him, his eyes glazed over making it harder to read.

The hospital had to let her out. They would listen to him. He pulled his phone out to ring them. But couldnt hit dial. What if he rang and they told him something he didn't want to hear?

No he would talk to them later.

He tried to busy himself at work. It wasnt easy and found his mind drifting to ella more often. His little girl needed her mother.

Katherines mother had been very good to them. Looking after ella and helping james. She loved katherine and though she was hurt Katherine chose to hide her ilness she couldn't turn her back on them.

Ella had been getting in trouble at school hitting other kids, and not abiding by the rules. James considered sending her to a therapist but instead opted to spend more quality time with her. Taking her to the park. Out for dinner and to the cinema. He was well rehearsed in my little pony by now.

But ella missed her mother she talked to elena about her, and james knew seeing her every day made her miss her mother even more.

The meeting was short, james told the lawyer his case, what was wrong and what he expected them to do. It all went smoothly.

He sat doing paperwork the re

helped him push katherine into the back garden.

Elena had laid out an extravagant picnic for them all. And they sat under the sun laughing and joking. Ella ran after butterflies and james admired his wife's beauty.

They stayed out side until it became dark and went to the living room. James made popcorn, elena got drinks and ella brought blankets and pillows from the bedrooms. They sat up watching movies the rest of the night. Ella fell asleep and so elena took her up to bed saying good night to katherine and james.

It was a little while later James decided that they too needed rest. It had been a long day and he knew although she wouldn't admit it katherine was exhausted.

She loved watching ella today. Seeing the house again. Being outside. Seeing the maids she had grown to love. But the day was shorter than she would have liked. She knew this was her last chance to make peace with herself and her ilness. She was lucky to have it at all.

As james carried her up stairs and lay her to bed. Elena had helped her change earlier. Katherine wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered her final request.

"James make love to me"

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