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   Chapter 23 my katherine

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5359

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The doctor walked towards me. Doctor sharky i think his name was. His head was hung low and his eyes dark and sullen looking.

He looked up at me straight in the eyes and i could tell what he was about to tell me. The tears i tried so hard to hold back rolled freely down my cheeks and i allowed myself to be in the moment. How did it all hapen so fast.

His had rests on my shoulder and i shrug it off. Not wanting the touch of anyone but my wife.

"Im sorry mr saunders theres nothing we could do. She took a cardiac arrest because of all the medications you had her on trying to cure her" he looked genuinely heart broken for me

No this couldnt be my fault. I wanted to fix her make her feel better.

"Katherine is dead" he spoke the word we hadnt dared say in months

"" i scream at him the pain shooting through my chest ripping me appart and throwing me around the room.

I open my eyes and gasp. Sitting up in bed panting for air.

"It was just a dream" i tell myself.

It felt so real like i was in the moment. That wont happen to katherine.

She told me to let her go. She didnt want any experimental medications new developments. She wanted peace. But im not ready to say goodbye.

I look at the clock on my bedside table and sigh. Its 6 in the morning and i know myself ill not get back to sleep.

I jump out of bed and pull on an armani suit this is katherines favourite, i brush my teeth leave a not for elena and head to the car so i can see my beautiful wife again.

The hospital was quiet although i should have expexted that as it is so e

tear up a little and i feel my heart clench

"What is it" i want to help her. Make it easier if thats even possible

"James i want one day. One day to walk outside. Lift my beautiful baby girl from school. Go to the beach. And love all of you evry last piece" tears stream from katherines eyes i know she wants this more than anything.

"If thats what you want katherine thats exactly what you'll get. A day to remember" her face lights up and she beams at me making me smile too.

"And we can get ice cream" she giggles a little and i join her laughing

"You know babe this is what im going to miss when youre gone"

She looks across at me and we look into eachothers eyes. Her beautiful blue orbs capture me. We speak silently with eachother. Emotions on full display and i know how we both feel at this exact moment.

Shes scared i can tell. She puts on her brave front laughing, giggling and messing around but shes silently telling me we havent long left and that these next few days mean so much to her. I cant say no to katherine.

My katherine

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