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   Chapter 22 happy

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5615

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James crossed his arms and shook his head looking around the room he gave them 48 hours to work this shit out forked out 12 million to different organizations and now what does he have to show for it? nothing. How is it that people donate and donate yet there is apparently no solution. How many charity galas has he been to where plates of food cost thousands each.

The scientists hung their heads as they gave him thier solution. None. They couldn't find one.

"We need more time" one of them piped up but james gave him an icy glare

"More time?" He growls a litttle trying to contain all the pent up emotions. Some of them nod their heads.

The sound of his large palm making comtact with the sturdy oak desk echoed through the room. The men standing infront of him jumped the women quivered in fear and james stood jaw clenched, teeth gritting. What was he going to do?

"Fine get back to work a 48 hour extension is all your getting" his breathing was ragged his fists where clenched but he could hear katherine in his head telling him he can't always project his anger out on others.

The phone sitting next to him rang and he picked it up waving off the people standing before him "hello this is james saunders" he answered formally


Her eyes felt heavy and she stirred in bed feeling the need for a strech and to crack her back a little.

The room was brighr and made it even harder to open her eyes. She felt a little hand in hers. She heard a little scream in her ears and as she recognised who it was she forced herself with all her might to look into her babies eyes.

"Mommy, mommy. Elena look mommy" ellas sweet smile filled katherines v

th where you speeding" Katherine exclaimed

"Um because 1 of them i wanted to get home before the football match, 2 i forgot to lift ella from school and 2 of them for trying to get gere quickly" his cheeks went a little pink from getting scolded by Katherine

She was the only woman who wouod ever get away with it.

"Now you sped and got pulled over so that took even longer then had you been going slowly" katherine laughed

"I know i get it i shouldn't be speeding" james groans

"And mommy he forgot me at school" ella moaned

"Sorry princess" james lifted ella up and tickled her

"James you forgot your own daughter twice?" Katherine raised her brows trying to sound cross but couldn't help herself from laughing "you are a terrible father"

James stopped tickling ella and turned to katherine "i can't tickle you but if i could i would." He smilled

Elena leaned over to katherine and whispered in her ear "you make him happy. Thank you. He has been so on edge as soon as he walked into the room i could tell how relieved he was to have you back." She kissed katherines cheek and smiled warmly

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