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   Chapter 21 wake up

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5850

Updated: 2018-08-14 16:22

The next few days went slowly. James found himself lost in the ocean of his own thoughts more than once his mind initiating its own survival mode. Think of anything and everything but katherine.

So instead he sat at his desk on his laptop. The browser open and internet search bar filled. Filled with questions. Questions he didnt know the answers too. Questions he never had the courage to ask anyone. Questions he asked himself on a daily basis.

The first thing he typed in was on friday night. Ella was in bed sleeping and he was alone. What do fish drink?

The google page was filled with results and he found his answer

'Fish dont drink water it is absorbed through thier scales and gills'

He asked the web on saturday are chickens dinasoaurs?

The results he got were fascinating

'Chickens are descendants of dinasoaurs. Specifically the t-rex. The protein complex has been scientifically proven to be similar"

He spent the next few weeks asking questions. And always got his answer.

At the start elena thought he was missing katherine and didnt know what to do with himself but after two weeks it didnt seem a likely reason. Then she considered maybe he was asking these thigs because he genuinely wated to know maybe research for the buisness. But after a month the facial hair that was once stubnle was out of control and elena had come face to face with the real reason. His browser history left open and in a fit of worry she couldnt not look.

"How to cure cancer" the most recent search.

She shook her head tears lining her eyes "this man needs to look after himself" she whispered to herself. She had only ever seen him this torn one other time. It went on for months. The day katherine left. Now she was to le

walked into the room his heart clenched, katherines skin had lost the glow it once had. She was thinner than before bones where becoming more visible. Her hair an unruly mess from the lack of care and her arms had tubes and wires comming out and going to various machines. James made a point to visit once a day but that didnt make seeing katherines body deteriorate any easier. It felt like each time she looked worse than the last.

He pulled up the chair resting against the wall and sat beside katherine holding her hand in between his.

"Hi baby i contacted some people and they are gonna make you better. Ella is getting more like you every day she said her friend bianca was rude to her so she told her that you said to say she was a troll anyway. Then i got a phine call from the school because the girl hit ella and ella hit her back and pinned her to the ground. She might only be turning 6 in a few weeks but she is a fire cracker. I miss you baby. I miss your smile and your laugh i know you can hear me... i hope you can hear me. Wake up soon. I love you"

James sat the rest of the evening holding her had hoping and willing katherine to wake up

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