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   Chapter 20 phone call

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The phone call came late that night. The hospital number flashed on james mobile. He scrambled out of bed and ran throught the room in darkness searching for his phone.

When he saw who was calling he picked up straight away. The person at the end of the phon shrieked as he answered and he heard parts of a conversation the nurse was having with someone on the other end of the phone.

"Oh god he answered i dont want to tell him. Oh my god what if he thinks its my fault and shout s at me or sues me. I cant speak jemma" the nurses muffled voice was soft yet audible

"What is it. Why are you calling me?" James all but yelled down the phone

"Um yes you see mr saunders you have to come and um see your wifes doctor straight away there has been an um development."

"What kind? A good one i hope" he snaps regretting it instantly if katherine heard how he was speaking to this girl she would give him an earful.

"Um a development" the nurse stumbles ober her words before making an excuse and hanging up.

James sighed running his hands through his hair. This was happening so quickly he had only gotten her back. What was so important that he needed to go to the hospital now.

He threw on his buisness suit and let elena know where he was going. Before leaving he went into ellas room and left a kiss on her forehead. She and katherine were his life now what would he do of something where to happen ella to.

He left the house in his black Bentley. He didnt always have a personal driver but sometimes it came in useful. Elena practically forced him to take his driver worried he would be panicking so much he himself would be injured.

He had give in and n

h honey its been years why havent you called me or picked up my calls?"

She sounded cholked up. Was she crying?

"I was being stubborn and trying to sort myself out. I was ashamed of who id become so i pushed you away i didnt want you seeing me a mess" he replied emotion was evident when he spoke

"Whats wrong honey you sound upset?" He silky voice made him feel always had

"Mum, katherine has cancer, a child, we are still married and now shes in a coma" he let out the story leaving out details but she gasped

"Oh my god im happy for you both, and you couldnt have told me sooner, i have a grandchild? Holy shit im old"

James chuckled at his mother she always made light of a situation.

"But mum theres something else i need your help" he breathed

"No problem honey tell me what you need"

"Mum i need help looking after ella. The doctir called me down to the hospital... katherine has gone into a self induced coma, they dont think she is going to wake up" james cholked at his last few words pain shooting through his heart

His mother could only say two words

"Holy. Shit"

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