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   Chapter 19 spoons

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It had already been one week. Nothing had changed. Katherine still lay in the hospital bed. James had paid for doctors to come in. Treat her.

She didnt want it. The false hope. She could tell it was her time and she had to accept it and eventually he would too. She spent her week playing with ella and scouring dating websites looking for james's perfect match. She didnt find one good enough.

James spent his time in the hospital with katherine and at work trying to sort out his company.

Katherine was supposed to be an organ donor but after a long talk they decided it would be best for everyone if she didnt. Her organs would be used for scoentific purposes and they felt ella would prefer her mother in one peice when she gets older.

The doctors james had called in where hopeful but after a check up shook their heads at james no words were needed. He was loosing hope.

Katherine sat up in her bed watching the clock. It was quater past two james would be her in 56 minutes and 37 seconds not that she was counting. The knock on her door startled her a little and she was even more supprised when the door open and there stood shelly in all her glory.

Her blomde hair curled to perfection. Heavy makeup caked her face. And her bright pink stilettos made her look long and awkward.

She grined at katherine devilishly before trying to walk in. She obvioisly couldn't walk in her shoes as she stumbled multiple times crossing the private hospital room katherine had attained.

"Well well. I must admit when i heard the glorified katherine saunders was sick i couldnt have been happier. And when i heard it was long term and you where on your death bed it was like a dream come true." Her voice came out scratchy. It hirt katherines ears to l

e spent with him flew in. And when he wasnt there she counted the hours untilhe was.

The day was always ling but ella visited her in the mornings to keep her company alongside elena. Ella brought her paintings and read her some of her storybooks. The one thing that none of them ever did was talk about how long they had left.

They each knew thier time was limited but also that the more time they spent worrying the more time they were wasting. Instead they relished every moment in each others company and had fun.

James walked into the house that evening head low. Katherine was getting worse but he refused to tell her that. Instead they told her there was no progress and no deterioration. No change.

He heard ellas giggleing comming from the kitchen and walked in to find her sitting at the island in the middle of the room sharing a tub of ben and gerrys ice cream with elena. He laughed and ella looked over at him smiling. Her mouth lined with chocolate remnants.

"Daddy your home" she smiled but didnt budge from her seat instead shovelling ice cream into her mouth again.

James chuckled and walked over pecking her cheek.

"Got another spoon?"

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