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   Chapter 18 are you sick

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5479

Updated: 2018-08-14 16:13

Katherines body felt numb. She didnt remember how but she did know she was in the hospital.

She could hear shouting from the hallway but only certain words where audible from behind the wooden door.

"No", "it cant be right" and "cancer" stood out among the thunderous roars.

Then she realised just what had happened and who was behind that door. This wasn't supposed to happen she was supposed to die without them all knowing now that didn't seem possible.

The door rattled and james voice sounded thunderous from behind and katherine felt a wave of fear take over what would he say?does he hate her?

The handle of the door turned and in walked doctor sharky. His face was solemn and she could already sense what he was about to say.

"Im not going to have much longer am i" when she cut him up it wasnt a question it was a statement she already knew the answer.

He shook his head. No.

"James knows doesnt he" again katherine wasnt asking

He nodded

"Send him in then. I guess i have some explaining to do"

Doctor sharkey simply nodded giving her a half smile. He understood he had seen the cancer eat her from the inside. He understood why she didn't tell her husband it can be hard for loved ones to watch a patients health decline and at the speed of katherines deterioration especially difficult.

He understood why but it didnt mean it was the right thing to do. James needed to know he had a right after all when katherine passes he will be left to parent a child by himself. Would he be able to handel it?

James had been angry when he had spoken to the doctor. But he didnt expect much less he was in

happy too. I would rather have you in my life however long that may be than loose you now because you thought it was best for me. Ella and i habe eachother. Say your goodbyes she knows you love her. Hell katherine make a damned bucket list. I will make every thing on it come true. I want you to leave me happy and in peace not torn up and worried. This is your time and wether you think it best or not im going to be there with you. Im annoyed you didnt feel you could tell me but i will support you." His soothing voice reassured katherine and she felt the tightness in her chest release. A weight lift of her shoulders.

She knew she should have told james but she couldnt find the words and now she had had the conversation however brief she was reassured james would be ok.

He kissed her passionately. Its was soft and gentle. It didnt last long but it didnt have to. That kiss held the words they had left umspoken.

A knock on the door diverted thier attention pulling them back to the sad reality as elena walked in carrying a tear stained faced ella.

"Mommy are you sick?"

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