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The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5880

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James stayed for a while talking to katherine lightheartedly but her mind was somewhere else.

Her face paled when she had looked back up at him after he had walked into their bedroom. He had heard elena talking about it to katherine. Everything she said was true. He trusted elena with his life but katherines things where all he had left of what little love he had seen in his life.

He grew up in wealth. His mother a big shot fashion designer and father a buisness tycoon much like himself.

They traveled alot so james had had a nanny. He was an only child. And his childhood was lonley and his life had always been materialistic all his things where the one stability he had that he knew he owned. His parents knew little about a childs imagination and raised him up to focus on studies and business.

He jumped from woman to woman through the years. He normaly had a different one each night but never jad a stable relationship lkmger than two weeks. He knew he was pathetic but he had no other outlet onone to comfide in. It was in summer a few years ago he got word from his human resources team that he had a new secratary starting in september. That She was young a few years younger than him and on her placement year of college.

He expected her to come in barely dressed like all the others but she didn't. Instead katherine had worn a black skirt just above knee length and a pale pink blouse. The most provocative thing she wore was a pair of black christian louis bouiton stilettos which had made her legs look even longer and sexier. He had noticed.

He was drawn to her immediately. Her doe eyes. Her long wavy hair. Her petite body. Her sassy attitude. He loved it all.

She didn't put up with the ludicrous demands he made eac

d the nurses information. The nurses took the information down on clipboards and ran for the doctor.

James sat outside the room as katherine was examined by the doctor. Doctor sharky was the bast apparently at his job what that was james wasnt sure but the nurse had reassured him that his wife was in good hands.

The door opening startled james and he stood quickly from the wooden chair he had been resting on which made a noisy screech as he moved.

He rubbed his sweaty palms on his trousers as he waited for thw doctor to speak.

"Well how is my wife?" His voice was ragged concern etched on his face he had been waiting hours for news.

"Your wife is stable mr saunders. But the growth is rapid and the medications are not going to be enough. I dont think she will make it out of this hospital sir." The doctor hung his head low. And james furrowed his eyebrows in confusion

"Growth, what growth? What do yku mean she won't make it out of the hospital?" The pressure in his chest increased by the minute and he felt his heart shatter as doctor sharky gave him a confused look before he completely ruined his life.

"Your wife has cancer mr saunders"

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