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   Chapter 16 locked up

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A maid was standing waiting for them at the front of the house. She wore a black dress with simple 3/4 length sleeves and a white apron. Her clothes where neatly pressed and her raven hair was pinned into a tidy bun on the top of her head.

Her smile was warm and inviting. Katherines feet seemed to speed up at the sight of her.

"Katherine welcome home we have missed you so much" elenas arms opened wide and she embraced katherine in a warm hug.

She couldnt help but smile at the woman who was like a mother too her when she lived here.

"I wouldn't call it home elena but its close enough" she grinned trying to wiggle out of elenas hold.

"Sorry hun am i sqeezing you too hard?" Elena chuckled lightly letting go of katherine. Her eyes roamed her up and down and concern spread quickly across her face.

"My god child how thin are you and your skin is so grey. What has happened? Are you ill?" Her questions startled katherine most peoole didnt notice but elena was lile a hawk she paid attention to details.

She shook her head "no no i was a little ill last week with a stomach bug so i havent eaten much and have been a little under the weather although im feeling much better now"

Katherine was supprised at how fast the lie came to her and how easily it rolled of her tounge.

Elenas face shifted and her warm smile was back. She looked down at ella and her eyes widened.

"Oh katherine she looks just like him." She gushed grabbing ella in for a hug too. Which ella was more than happy to return. "How could you keep this little one a secret?"

Katherine felt guilt trickle through her for a second realizing she kept such an important woman from her baby. Elena had a little girl herself she loved children and treated katherine as her own.

"Im sorry elena its just that the way things ended with james i didmt want to be anywher

her stomach. She was nervous.

Elena opened the door and katherine couldnt help but gasp. The room had been repainted the coulor she had picked out before leaving. She had the paint bought but never got round to getting the walls painted. The dresser in the corner still had all her makeup on it. Her jewellery still sat on the bedside locker which was once hers.

A pair of her heels still sat at the end of her bed. It felt strange. Like she was in the past. Just as she had left it her things where exactly im the same place.

"He wouldnt let me clean them. He did it himself." Elenas voice behind her startled her.

"What?" Katherine was beyond shocked.

"Yes its true and the wardrobe is exactly the same too" katherine was speechless

"I know its strange but i couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. I kept clinging on to the hope i would get you back someday"

She turned to the door when she heard james husky voice.

She was leaning against the frame hands in his pocket looking straight at her.

"I dont think its strange james although i feel bad that you didnt feel you could remove my things" she felt guilty. What would happen when... she was gone

Would he keep her stuff in the room. Lock it up. Move on?

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