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   Chapter 15 home

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Katherine looked around her bedroom sighing. Her things were packed in brown cardboard boxes sealed with the brown parcel tape she had bought the week before.

Her head was still trying to process what had happened the past couple of weeks. James taking ella out for walks and trips to the zoo and park. Ella had really started to establish a bond with her father and seemed happier because of it. She had been jumping of the walls all week with excitment at the fact they where to move in with her daddy today.

Katherine wanted one last look at the house where she raised her little girl. Alone. The house she held so many amazing memories and some not so nice ones. She was anxious to leave and move in with james but this was for ella more than anyone she couldnt always live in this house. That katherine knew.

She didnt know what to do about her medication. Her daily dossage of painkillers was increased and she had been taken off all ither meditations. They werent working.

James was to send a car for her and ella. She had initially refused his offer. She could drive herself but he wanted her to be safe therefore sje was sitting waiting for his chauffeur to arrive.

She was nervous ella on the other hand was not. She had made katherine take her shopping so she could buy a special outfit to supprise her daddy. Consisting of a little white and pink dress covered in flowers and a pair of pink pumps. She picked out a cute sparkly bag too. She walked around the house with a big cheesy smile showing of her handbag as if it was the beat thing in the world.

A knock on the front door alerted katherine that

of her fate.

James had asked her how long she would be willing to stay. She had asked how long he wished for them to stay. He had said forever. She had just shrugged and replied we'll see.

The look in his eyes was bright when he said forever. But dulled when he heard uncertainty in her voice. She was trying to fight the sparks. That part was obvious to her anyway. But she was trying to protect him. Of course he didnt know it yet.

Katherines thoughts where interupted when the car stopped and the driver hopped out holding open her car door.

"Mrs saunder welcome home" he smiled brightly.

Ella bounded out of the car and up the steps looking around at the garden.

Katherine hadnt realised how close they had been. She missed the large gates the driver had to imput a code to open. Missed the big fountain and huge drive up to the front door which was large with a stupid amount of steps before you reached the front door.

Katherine took a deep breath and finally stepped out of the car. She looked at the huge enterance and

Murmured under her breath "home"

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