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   Chapter 14 its wrong

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5482

Updated: 2018-08-10 12:47

Katherine knew it was wrong. This was a man who called her so many hurtful names. Who shunned her and sent her packing, bearing a child. But no matter how hard she tried she couldnt stay away.

He knew she couldnt. He would forever be her weakness. And sometimes she hated herself for it. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate as he pulled thier bodies impossibly closer.

Hos tounge explored her mouth like Hungry animal scavaging for food. She was his food. His craving. He wanted every peice of her.

Her body arched into his and she felt his hard member press against her thighs. She fought to hold her moans in but they came out eventualy.

His hands carressed her hips gentely his fingers dancing on her skin leaving a burning sensation in thier wake.

Her body trembled under his touch and she felt his lips curl up. He was hoping for that reaction.

He pulled away from her lips and kissed her jaw and down her slender neck. He mumbled words as he went most incoherent and in audible but some filled with so much passion there was no chance of missing them.

"Missed you", "mine" and "forever"

She felt her heart grow warm at the words and the pool of wetness between her thighs deepened. To uncontrollable depths. Soon she would subcome. She would need him to take her right there on the living room on the sofa.

She wanted him and as his hands snaked lower and crept up her thighs she couldnt help but moan softly under his touch.

As she closed her eyes to relish in the pleasure she came back to reality. They couldnt do this. Ella was upstairs.

She felt his fingers slide her lacy thong from anne summer

alone. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer. He.was a recovering alcoholic. He shouldnt have beer or liquor in his home. He didn't appart from the few boxes he had downed since seeing katherine again.

He popped the top of the beer and took a long slug before grunting in appreciation and hauling himself up the stairs to bed. He had work in the morning and he needed to sleep for atleast a couple of hours.

He used to love his job. The hours where his choice he was his own boss. Now it was his life he had nothing to come home to so instead he lived and breathed for work. Well all that has changed. Now ella is in the picture. He was to take her out to the park on tuesday as katherine said she was meeting up with someone.

James had been curious when she said that. Was it another man? Of course he had no right to be terriorial he had treated her like shit. But they where still married.

James closed his eyes and lay down on his bed. The soft matress moulded around his body.

He fell asleep thinking about katherine and ella. They would be a family soon.

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