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   Chapter 13 fancy dinner

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The restaurant he picked was fancy. But she knew it would be. The colour theme was simple yet sophisticated. The black marbel topped tables where polished to perfection. As they entered with ella holding Katherines hand. Katherine felt a warmth at the small of her back. She didnt have to turn to know it was james. She knew his touch the fact that sparks shot up her back was a good indication.

The waitress greeted them at the front door her face brightening as she saw james.

Her smile srayed plastered on her face as she looked to katherine and ella.

"Mr saunders, mrs saunders its a pleasure to be your server tonight. I have the best table in the house reserved for you. If youd like to follow me ill show you to it now" she turned and they followed her through the restaraunt packed full of people engrossed in conversation to a little veranda. It was private only one table sat prepared for three people.

Katherine wasnt impressed that he made a reservation for mr and mrs saunders but with recent developments it was true that was what she was. The balcony was dimly lit and candles where scattered around to give a rich and romantic aura.

Ella ran to the table and clambered on to the seat giggling. James followed holding a chair out for katherine to sit down. She smiled at him feeling shy. His smile was filled with so much happiness katherine could barley belive she was sitting opposite a man whom only a few days ago had eyes full of pain.

Ella sat last night telling Katherine how much she liked her new daddy. She asked katherine questions and katherine struggled to answer them, she didnt want to see ella upset at her replies.

James couldnt believe katherine agreed to come to dinner tonight and the fact that this was thier first family outing mad

She nareowed her eyes at him but he didnt seem bothered. "You sneaky wee bastard" she snarled through gritted teeth

James took one big step towards her so he was right infront of her. "We both know im not wee katherine" he smirked this however just made her even more angry

"Dont start that shit" she exclaims exasperated

"What shit.katherime?" James whispers lowly as he brings his mouth close to her ear "i love you and i want you. So i dont see the problem" he nuzzled her neck leaving a trail of light kisses down it. Katherine felt heat flow to her cheeks her heart beat sped rapidly as she tried to reply but james got there first.

"And katherine if i didnt know any better judging by your reaction you want me too."

With that he claimed her lips for his own. Kissing her passionatley katherine felt the sparks shooting through her. Electricity pulsing through her. Her body convulsed under his touch as her wrapped his arms securly around her wrist.

They broke apart for air and he smirked at her. She rolled her eyes "maybe youre right james" she whispered in a soft voice barley audible but james heard and he quickly seized her lips captive in a heavenly kiss

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