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   Chapter 12 my princess

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Updated: 2018-07-31 20:34

Katherine stood in front of the lift. She hated them all. All those doctors who sat opposite her telling her she was on the long straight. No way out.

Science was a revolution, the news state it all the time. It cures things and helped people. well obviously not everyone. Hospitals and doctors on more than acceptable wages where there because they wanted to help and felt her pain.

She sat across the table that morning as doctor sharky spoke. A man in his late twenties barley out of medical school, no children and engaged to a surgeon working down the hall. The biggest thing on his plate being his university debt. Which wouldn't take long to pay of in his profession. But he knew how she felt.

He her in what was meant to be reassurance "i know how you feel" he smiled meekly at her. Was that meant to be sympathy? "Its tough" how would you know?. "There are a lot of things need to be sorted before then" he nodded.

She felt like scoffing at his talk. He made her illness seem common which to him it probably was after all he is a specialist. But for her, for her family it wasn't. There was no history, there was no explanation. She was just fucked. Fucked with such a crappy body and fucked that she was destined to die before she even hit thirty.

She blinked as he kept talking. Nodding a little waiting for him to finish.

There where a mass amount of words swirling in a whirl pool throughout her mind. A few in particular standing out to her.

I have a daughter. I am married?. My mother. My life. My dreams. My future

She looked at doctor sharky and it was at that moment he spewed the words, no the sentence she despised the most.

"At least you will be free from pain"

She sat up in the chair straightening herself up before opening her mouth. She crossed her ankles as she h

gs look longer and a black high neck dress that had a slit up the side showing off some of her freshly tanned skin.

Her makeup took longer than her hair. She applied her foundation and contour lightly of course. And some smokey eye shadow along with a red lip to finish her look. She looked in the mirror and smiled she looked classy not trashy.

She went downstairs to find Ella glued to the television as expected. Picking her up she walked over to the sofa setting Ella on her knee. "Are you going to behave?" She asked Ella trying to have a stern voice.

"Yes mommy" Ella smiled wrapping her little arms around Katherine neck.

The doorbell rang signalling James had arrived. So they got of the sofa and walked to the front door Katherine took a deep breath before opening the door but after she opened it she was glad she had.

There James stood in a dress shirt and a pair of black trousers looking handsome wearing a smile on his face that showed of his white teeth. Katherine looked at him and tried to compose herself but as soon as he spoke she knew this was going to be a very challenging dinner.

"Hello Katherine you look sexy and look at my wee Ella looking beautiful just like a princess"

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