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   Chapter 11 God

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Updated: 2018-07-31 20:26

Katherine turned around to face Ella. She felt the hairs on her neck stand. This wasn't meant to happen like this. This wasn't even meant to happen.

Ella stood at the bottom of the stairs rubbing her sleepy eyes. Looking past Katherine and at the strange man standing in their living room talking to her mom.

Katherine turned to look at James. His face had transformed, a smile plastered on his face his eyes bright and a look of love and adoration was written all over him.

"Is she-" he started speaking aiming it at Katherine but his eyes never leaving his baby

"Yes" Katherine cut his question of sharply before Ella heard what he was about to ask.

James took a few steps towards Ella before speaking "hi Ella" he spoke calmly, warmly with such a gentleness Katherine never would have recognized him.

Ella looked at him and blinked a few times "are, are you God?" Her question startled Katherine. It startled James too. He blinked a few times and confusion slowly etched on his face and he turned to look at Katherine.

She knew her mother had taken Ella to some bible camp whilst she was staying with her but she never expected Ella to be so interested. She turned to James and mouthed the word mother to him. He had obviously met Katherine mother a woman with great faith in the christian teachings. She went to church as often as she washed her hair. He nodded signalling he understood and turned back to Ella who was now examining James head to toe.

"Thats a good guess Ella, it would explain why i'm so handsome" James replied chuckling, Katherine couldn't help but smile as she saw ellas face light up in delight she had made God laugh after all. "No I'm not God, you can gave another guess though" he suggested when hr saw her smile fade at th

r body

"She is perfect" Katherine replied smiling when she thought of Ella.

"When can i see you both again?" James asked his face was happy but Katherine could see the fear in his eyes. Fear of rejection?

"How about tomorrow we will all meet for dinner say around seven" Katherine asks him raising an eyebrow.

James high voltage smile appeared and he noded "yes thats perfect, thanks so much Katherine it means the world to me." She could tell he was genuinely happy.

"She deserves to know her father i have no right keeping you two apart if you are willing to stay and be part of her i should encourage it" Katherine spoke softly she knew he was happy and Ella was happy she couldn't stand in the way of their relationship a lot of children with single parents never get this opportunity it would be wrong to let it slip through ellas fingers.

"Ill see you tomorrow night then" he waved goodbye and she showed him out of the house he turned and looked into Katherine eyes "by the way you can keep the shirt it looks good on you plus doesn't give me a half bad.view either" with a smirk he turned and left leaving Katherine standing rosy cheeked and jaw dropped.

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