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   Chapter 10 who is he

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 5627

Updated: 2018-07-27 18:40

Katherine never was one to swoon after men. She often ignored their looks and stares, passed off their offers of dinner but watching James standing in her living room in his black Armani suit which was tailored to fit his body perfectly, his black tie and black shoes, she couldn't help but think how good he looked.

He stood looking around her living room feeling her eyes following his every movement. He wrung his hands nerves getting to him. The whole drive to her house he tried to prepare himself for this moment but when he saw her standing with her hair in a ponytail and wearing his shirt that reached her tanned thighs his thoughts went out the window.

It was half eight and here he stood unsure of what to say, what to do. His heart was palpitating his palms sweaty as he rubbed them on his suit. He came after work. Straight to her place. They had a lot of unfinished business to attend to.

"James what are you doing here?" He expected this attitude from her Katherine never had patience for time wasters. Like him.

"I'm here because i want to tell you something" he stumbled across his words but was happy he was starting the dialogue.

"Well, go on" she snapped and he took a deep breath. Katherine stood with her arms crossed waiting for him to continue

He felt butterflies in his stomach. "Katherine i love you but i realize now that in our marriage a key thing was missing, communication. And i want to make us work so i think its best if i'm honest with you." he smiles a little. There the hardest part is done getting her to stay in the same room for 20 minutes.

She sat on the blush pink sofa scattered with grey cushions. So he took another deep b

k away from me. Your stuff is still in our closet at home exactly where you left it. Your perfume still sits in the vanity. Your shampoo is still in the shower and i still keep your baby pink towels in the bathroom because all the things i have are there because i am clinging on to the hope you will have me back" he was begging her pleading with her eyes. Tears of his own slid down his cheeks and right there Katherine could see the regret the loneliness, the battle he is fighting inside and the vulnerability that no one ever gets to see. The infamous James Saunders had let his walls down for her and she could see right through him. His true feelings the ones normally kept under lock and key.

Katherine didnt know what to say he was being honest and appologised for what happened so long ago, he explained why he was so mean and hurtful towards her when they met again. She was shocked and felt tears begin to fill her eyes although unsure why. But if she was shocked before she was certainly shocked when she looked up at james to find him wide eyed and looking at the foot of the stairs

"Mommy who is he?"

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