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   Chapter 9 butt dial baby

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 6090

Updated: 2018-07-27 18:37

Katherine sat in her car looking at the office. What what she thinking telling everyone like that. Why did she get so angry when Shelly started going on at her? she shouldn't be and she knew that James means nothing to her so she needs her mouth to learn that too. So now what. She told them they where moving in together, she just placed herself in a corner and she didn't even need anyone's help to do it.

God how could she be so stupid all those times she told herself to refrain from bringing her personal life into work and in a matter of minutes her world has been tured upside down.

She took a breath shaking her head in disappointment, Ella was home from her granny's today and she was going to lift her tonight. Katherine knew her mom loved Ella and over mid term break knew her mother would be more than happy to take Ella. It gave her time to go to the hospital, do things that needed done.

But she missed her baby. What would happen when her bubbly four year old meets her daddy? Katherine was worried but as she drove to her mums home she pushed it all to the back of her head. The drive to her mothers house left her itching to see ella again it had been 10 days and she was yearning for her babygirl again.

She pulled up in her mothers drive quickly getting out of the car and ran through the front door.

"Mommy" the sweet voice she heard call out brought a smile to her face

"Yes honey its me" katherine called out and in seconds the sound of little feet running along the floor could be heard.

And a ball of blonde threw itself into her outstretched arms. She giggled a little and squeezed Ella until she felt her little monkey wiggling out of her grasp.

"Mummy i missed you" hearing ellas sweet voice makes Katherine smile.

"I missed you too baby" katherine tickled her and kissed e

r. She opened the front door and Ella bounded up the stairs to change into her pyjamas. Katherine made herself some coffee as she had some work to do before work tomorrow morning.

The knock at her front door confused her. Its nine thirty at night who on earth would be visiting. Wearing her pyjamas IE. And old shirt of James. Don't judge too much after being kicked out she at least deserved a few souvenirs. She walked to the door and swung it open.

"Nice shirt" the all to familiar voice made her look up to see a cocky looking bastard standing in front of her.

"Thanks i took it from a dick" she cockily came back with " now why are you here?" She asked him raising a brow.

"i'm going to start moving your stuff to our home again in the morning i want to look after Ella when you are at work too" he demanded

"No" her reply was short and sharp but sent the message

"I'm sorry but i will not have my wife deny me see my daughter and you will have to come.home at some stage you told the whole office you where" he smirked. Her mouth dropped open at hearing his last comment

"H-ow di-" he cut her off before she could even ask

"Butt dial baby" he winked at her and walked into the house.

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