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   Chapter 8 office confrontation

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Katherine walked into work the next day with a spring in her step. She smiled at security, waved at her office mates and when she turned the corner into her cubical and found james standing there looking pissed of she flashed him a smile and sat down in her chair.

"Hello james how may i help you today?" Her voice was chirpy and sweet. It surprised her. The lack of hostility towards him was a shock to him to.

"I want to know why the fuck i just got a letter from my private investigator saying that you had a child" he roared. Suddenly Katherine didn't feel so happy. Her face drained of all color. And she could feel herself becoming unsteady on her feet.

"I don't know what your talking about James"

" I hired a private investigator to dig into your past after we got divorced. Sort of. And well i dug that up." His face was red with rage and Katherine felt eyes on her. she looked around the office and saw people staring at them.

"James lets take this somewhere private" her voice was shaky but thankfully he agreed, she led him into the conference room where they held meetings. When the door was closed firmly shut she turned to face him. Raising an eyebrow at him. What was he thinking the gossip is probably already spreading about her. She tended to keep her marriage to James out of conversations so that would be new information for them all.

"Why didn't you tell me i have a daughter?" His question is sharp and straight to the point

"James if you hadn't realized you kicked me out with nothing to my name, you used to be so sweet James i loved you but now you're filled with hate and i'm afraid of you. I was afraid to tell you. You are intimidating and you had already dragged my name through the dirt. What would you have done tell me. It's not lile you had any right to be in contact with my daughter after the way you treated me. And what the hell why did you have a private investigator on me?" she bites back. He opens then closes his mouth for a minute obviously thinking. Katherine stood fuming at the hunk in front of her. He used to bring her flowers. Kiss her cheek while she made dinner. Then on Saturdays he took over in the kitchen treating her like a queen giving her breakfast in bed. What happened to the man she used to love?

What did he mean sort of divorced?

"You're right Katherine" he breaks the silence. Katherine looked up surprised at his answer. "I was blinded with rage i would probably have kicked you out anyway and left you both." He runs his hands through his hair. He looks shattered a

ombarded with questions from the office staff.

After a deep breath she opens the door and steps out. The walk to her cubical is long and now her secret or one of them anyway is flying in the air its even longer or so it felt.

"Katherine" a high pitched voice calls her name. She rolls her eyes and turns to look at the tramp in front of her.

With skyscraper heels and a skirt that barley covers her ass. "Yes shelly?"

Shelly joinee the firm about 3 months ago and climbs up the hierarchy by sleeping with boss after boss funny enough she used to be Katherine's best friend. But now every time katherine looks at her she feels angry. Shes one of the reasons katherine wants her own firm she can chose who she works with.

"Are you and jamsey still having problems" shelly snickered a little. This bitch tricked them both and katherine wasn't going to let her walk over her again

Katherine felt her blood boil. And before she could think straight blurted out "nope"

"Well you must not be satisfying him if he had to come to the office to give you a mouthful, I mean it's not the first time someone else had to accommodate his needs " she grins evily

Katherine looked her up and down then laughed "shelly sorry to burst your slutty bubble but james and i are still together we took some time apart but on paper we are married. We also have a daughter together and im moving back in with him. In future it would be appreciated if you kept your legs closed because i heard you weren't a good ride anyways" with that katherine flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked away leaving shelly behind all she heard was an applause from office staff she didn't even know where watching.

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