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   Chapter 7 confession

The billionaires ex wife By naomi burke Characters: 6013

Updated: 2018-07-20 23:16

Katherine found herself leaning into his kiss for a moment time stopped and the only thing moving was their lips. She closed her eyes letting herself enjoy what was once a fantasy. Until Memories of the pain she went through because of him raced through her mind. Fear of what would happen when... fears of getting hurt, him getting hurt. Dylan was waiting for her inside and instead she's out here with James.

She placed her hands on his toned muscular chest and pushed him away from her. Their lips broke apart and James forehead creased in confusion at her sudden actions.

"What whats wrong?" He asked her his voice low and tone agitated.

"What do you think is wrong?" She snapped back cross with herself for letting her emotions get the better of her. Cross with james for thinking he could steal a kiss from her. She turned and stormed away from her arrogant ex husband. He grabbed her wrist Turning her back towards him.

"Come on Katherine, I know you want me, i want you" he groaned

"James you had me. We were married you threw me out you have no right to come now and start asking me to forget all the pain and stress you pit me through. No, not happening"

He wouldn't let go of her wrist and she wiggled under his grasp.

"James let go" she mumbled pushing against him. He held eye contact with her making her slow then he finally let go allowing her to walk away.

Her mind was racing, her heart was pounding and Dylan was sitting at their table where she had left him talking to a business friend of James, Henry.

His face lit up when she neared them and he flashed her a glimpse of his pearly whites.

"Hey where have you been?" He asks her.

She smiled back and gave him a safe reply "i was out getting some air. It's so stuffy in here i couldn't bare a second

s ago when i went for annual blood checks and it showed i had cancer. We thought it was just the blood but i fainted and broke my wrist they took lots of different scans thinking i tore ligaments but found a shadow. I'm riddled with cancer from my head to my baby toe.

The doctors tried to treat it but my body wouldn't accept the treatment and i got worse. No one but me and now you guys know. I thought i could handle it on my own but my daughter stayed over at my mum's for a few weeks her school was on holidays and she is due back tomorrow but i was so sick after treatment and i can't hide it forever. Although i don't really have forever do i" she chuckled dryly

Then the emotional impact of what she just admitted hit her. She's dying. Some day her baby girl won't have a mummy and she certainly doesn't have her daddy.

She felt arms wrap around her and someone handed her a tissue. She looked down at it and touched her cheek it was then she realized she was crying and then that she realized she needed a plan. She herself admitted her life was short so what was she going to do about her baby girl and how was she going to break it to her friends and family... unless she didn't.

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