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   Chapter 6 cliche

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Katherine walked into work with a smile on her face tonight was the big gala and her date with Dylan. She was excited when she thought about being at Dylan's arm. Happy she was moving on in her life.

The office was crowded people gathering around a small cubical near the right hand corner. Near her cubical. They where whispering things too each other. Katherine caught the tail end of a conversation

"That girl is so lucky, she's pretty and gets all the men" she shook her head a little wondering what on earth was so interesting. As she drew closer to her cubical the smell of flowers, roses hit her. Lucky girl. She smiles a little to herself remembering the night's James used to come home with a bouquet of white roses.

When she reaches her cubical it takes her two seconds to realize everyone is standing around her cubical and the flowers are in her cubical.

Her eyebrows furrow in confusion as people start to part making room for her to get a full view of her desk.

Her cubical was full of roses. Literally they where on the chair, the desk and lined the floor. She smiled as she read the card attached.

Lots of know who

But Katherine had no idea who would buy her so many roses. Dylan she smiled. It must be him.

He was lifting her tonight. And her best friend Lilly was coming over to do her hair and makeup.

Katherine looked up from her desk and smiled as she saw Dylan walking over to her.

"Hey who bought all the flowers?" He asks. Her eyebrows furrow in confusion

"I i don't know" her smile which was previously bright dulls a little as she realizes Dylan didn't buy her those beautiful flowers.

"Anyway just checking your still ok for our date tonight" he practically shouts the word date.

Katherine knew she felt nothing towards Dylan but she couldn't say no he was a perfect man and she would be a fool to turn him down

"Yes, yes deffinitley still on" she plasters on a fake smile.

Dylan leans in and gives her forehead a kiss. Making her blush as she feels eyes of office staff on her, as he walks away.

The office was slow today and by 5 o' clock katherine signs out and heads home to get ready for the gala.

She unlocks her front door and heads up to her bathroom to get ready. Knowing she hasn't much time until Lilly gets here.

She turns the water on in the shower and steps in letting the water run down through her hair and drench her body.

After a good lather up, she gets out and shivers

ut when he touches her she doesn't feel anything.

When James is within 2 meters she feels the tingles every time he speaks a little jolt of excitement pulses through her. The only man she could ever want and he is repulsed by her

"What are you doing her James?" She finally blurts out the question that sprung into her mind as soon as she laid eyes on him.

He chuckles a little "i own this place Katherine"

She mentally face palms herself. "Of course you do" her laugh this time is more sarcastic and he picks up on it

"What you don't want me here?" He raises a brow as he looks into her eyes. There is something there in his eyes she can't describe. Something different.

"No the other way around. Isn't this the part where you call me a whore and kick me out?" She asks angry at his calm confident persona.

"Hmm if that's what you want" he smirks rubbing the light stubble

On his chin

"Of course it isn't. You don't get to be like this though James." She snaps back her calmness no longer. She's angry she loved him heck she loves him and he is acting like he didn't throw her heart on the ground and trample all over making jokes and being smug.

His brows furrow "like what Katherine?" His tone raised a little but she is not intimidated

"You can't come back into my life after five years, after accusing me of cheating and joke around on a balcony with me. James don't...don't mess with me don't try to intimidate me with your deep sexy voice don't act like what happened didn't happen because it did"

With that he wraps his arm around her tiny frame and smirks "my sexy voice hu?" And his lips come crashing down on hers

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