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   Chapter 5 flowers

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When Katherine walked in on James and her best friend, James told her to leave his house. When he got home she was gone.

That night he drank till his liquor cupboard was empty, he felt emotionally drained and felt like something was missing. At this stage he thought she had cheated he thought she had broken her vows of love and partnership towards him. He thought she didn't love him. That's what hurt the most. He worshiped the ground Katherine walked on, he treated her like a queen because she was his queen.

The day those photos landed on his desk changed everything pictures of her with a fucking guy from her office. Pictures of him cuddling her, kissing her cheek, spooning her in bed. Hell he had met the man shook his hand when in reality the asshole was fucking his wife.

All James saw was red. He was angry no, fuming. He was heart broken and his life crumbled soon after.

His marriage destroyed, his liver wrecked and his liquor cupboard permanently empty. His mood well there was only one and it was vicious and cruel.

Then the private investigator happened. He hired him after two months without Katherine lying beside him at night. He couldn't take much more. Where was she? Why didn't she come back to apologize? He knew he would have taken her back in a heartbeat he loved her. No he needed her more than he knew.

The private investigator was meant to find Katherine, he did. James thought she would have run away back home to Philly but no she stayed right here in the same city. But something was different about her when James saw some of the photos snapped of Katherine walking down the street. She looked thinner than before. Her skin grey and tired looking. But her hair is what shocked him. She had died it and let it grow longer. It was now a honey blonde color and down to her waist in her usual curls. she still looked pretty.

The investigator also found out something James wishes he hadn't for the guilt eating away at him now was as unbearable as the heat in the Sahara.

She was innocent.

Katherine never did cheat on him. Instead her friend, James couldn't remember her name... was it sheila? or Shelly? But anyway she hired an editor to Photoshop the pictures. They looked so real and it wasn't until James looked back to the photos and realized in his rage and jealousy he had in fact completely overlooked the question of who put them on his desk.

He felt guilty and wanted her back but needed a reason to walk back into her life. After a long time of thinking he gave up. His mother was always the person who said that if you sit back and let nature take its path you will end up with who your supposed to. That's exactly what he did. He sat back and let Katherine rid of the investigator only getting updates to make sure she was happy nothing of any real detail.

Well up until a few weeks ago. He needed a lawyer his own legal team only covering the HR and

document writing. So he called up the Hudson law firm. The person he spoke to recommended Miss gray so that's who he took. Not even recognizing the last name.

Why would he the last time he saw her she was a saunder.

When he walked in and those big eyes met with his. The guilt swam back up to the surface. And all the pent up anger he held towards himself for letting the woman he loved go. Came back but he lashed out at her. At Katherine of all people. And she took it like a soldier at battle she listened to it and still kept him as a client.

He at first tried to keep his distance he didn't want to admit to her, that he made a mistake she would stand there arms crossed pushing her boobs up in a way that made her even sexier. Smirking and tell him "so are you gonna say the five letter word?" She would stand there reveling in his uncomfortable position and laugh in his face "there is no way i would ever take you back James. You ruined my life" she would say when he asked her to come back home where all her clothes, all her possessions she left sat neatly on their dresser untouched. Not even dusted. If the maid ever went near them they would be dismissed from the job. But Elena helped keep him calm.

Katherine would never take him back he broke her and he knew it. But he also saw the little shake in her legs as she stood to shake his hand that first day they met after so long. He saw her do that nervous hair twirl around her pinky finer she used to when waiting for him to tell her what he thought of the dinner she cooked that was always cooked to perfection. He saw her eyes. The same eyes that captured his heart so long ago and kept it all this time. He could read Katherine like a book and from what he read he knew he still had an effect on her one that would come in handy when it came to winning her back.

James pulls out his phone and opened his notes app up. Creating a new note titled.

Katherine Gray

He knew what made her tick what she loved down to the size of bra cup she wore he remembered it all.

His plan better work because he wasn't sure how much longer he could keep himself together.

Step 1- woo the shit out of her.

Buy her flowers

Stop being an arrogant asshole to her.

Tell her the truth.

Step 2- figure this out after you get past step 1.

He shook his head and deleted the last sentence to optimistic.

Step 2- figure this out if you get past step 1.

With that he saved the note as important and dialed the florists number. The only florist he ever bought flowers for Katherine from. James didn't know why he still had their number saved on his phone but he didn't care because they made beautiful flower arrangements and that's exactly what he needed.

"Hi this is fantasy flowers how may i help you." The owner Belle picked up on the third ring

"Hi belle its James Saunders i was wondering if you could deliver some flowers for me please"

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