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   Chapter 4 woo the shit out of her

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The phone conversation was short but did just enough to cut Katherine deep. She would not cry again over this self centered egotistical fuck face. He wasn't worth it. So instead Katherine spent the next ten minutes coming up with a variety of nicknames for James. The nock at the wall of her cubical brought her out of her train of thought. She twisted her neck to see who it was. Relaxing a little as she saw Dylan standing there.

"Hey there" he leans against the wall and flashes her a glance at his pearly whites. "What were you thinking about?" He asks her grinning a broad grin that should have sent sparks of electricity shooting through her but it didn't She knew he was the perfect guy he was kind and thoughtful but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't feel the chemistry. Not like she used to feel with the other man

She shakes her head "um nothing important just a case" she smiles back at him

"So i had a great time the other night and the firm is having a gala next week i was thinking we should go together." He wrings his hands nervously waiting for her to reply.

Katherine knew she didn't like Dylan in that way but she knew she didn't want to let him down. Her was the perfect gentleman and he deserved a chance. So she plastered on a fake smile and replied

"Sure Dylan that would be Lovely" he nodded his head with excitement before turning and waving goodbye to her

"See you later Katherine ill pick you up at eight." With that Katherine watched him leave.

She turned back to the folders she had been studying, they were from James's case. She hasn't really had time to look at them the last few days have been hectic. Her client list expanding and her dreams of having her own law firm seemed to be more within reach than ever before. She was ready and had the drive and determination needed to make it. All she needed was to build up a name. This meant all her clients now would come back to her follow her to her own firm. Then win the cases.

James's case wasn't complicated at first glance he had a right to claim in court. He runs a popular investment firm raking in millions in interest every month. The company under scrutiny had borrowed over 5 million dollars and signed the legal documents which ensured the money would come back withing the next three years. It hadn't. However upon further inspection Katherine found herself pulling her hair out and picked up her desk phone dialing a number she never thought she would have to dial again.

The phone picked up on third ring. A rather sickeningly sweet voice answered "hi this is Mr Saunders office how may i help you today"

Katherine rolled her eyes a little. He's probably fucking around with her too. Not that she cared "hi i'm Miss gray a lawyer from Hudson firm. I need to speak to Mr Saunders regarding his court case" Katherine informs the Secretary

"Fine" is all she gets before she hears the ringing of the transfer and the phone is answered on t

he second ring

"Hello" his thick sexy voice answers the phone and Katherine feels a familiar sensation between her legs. She tries to resist the heat growing but the gravelly voice threw her off.

"Hello Mr Saunders i'm calling to ask who was the lawyer who wrote your business loan papers up?" Her silky voice made him smile.

"Oh Katherine, what a surprise." He answered " Mr lee Dexter was his name if i recall correctly" Katherine shakes her head hes sitting in his office smirking she can tell, but says nothing about it.

"Its Miss gray to you sir and you may want to change your lawyer in the future because he has left you in a big problem" she knew this wouldn't go down well with him

"What do you mean a big problem? I paid a lot of money for him he has to be legit" his voice has shifted from cheeky and cocky to more of a growl.

"I mean he left a major flaw in it. He has allowed for the company to pay in installments over a five year period if they choose to. This means they still have time to pay it of and you don't have grounds to go to court" Katherine feels herself getting nervous waiting for his reply. He had left it in the fine print

"What?" his tone is hostile and his voice is loud and clear. "How could I not have seen it" he grumbled she hears something smash. And heavy breathing

"James its OK, I'm saying you can't take up the company bit you can take up lee Dexter he worked for you and failed to carry out the job he was employed to do this could as a result cost you millions as in the loan documents it states that you can't put interest on to the loans."

Katherine waits for his reaction. She hears nothing for a minute then a deep sigh.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He is groaning? "After all this fucking lee fucking Dexter fucking screwed me fucking over because he's an absolute wee fucker."

Katherine tries to hold in her giggle at his outburst. He always was a funny angry person. His words came out between curse words which made it even more comical.

James was sitting in his office when his phone rang he thought it was someone looking and investment but when he heard Katherines voice he smirked a little.

When he got angry at the fact lee Dexter screwed him over he started his usual rampage but the sound of katherines soft giggles made him stop. God he has missed her laugh and her giggles. He felt his lips twitch up in a smile but hid it again.

The guilty feeling has been coming up more regularly from Katherine came back into his life. He accused her of cheating on him and decided to get revenge on her by fucking her best friend. But she never did cheat meaning he was the only unfaithful one in their relationship.

He knew he had to get her back but wooing and charm where never his best qualities.

He needed a plan and it starts tomorrow.

He will visit her and try to seduce her overwhelm her and wait for her to fall for him again.

It won't be that hard right?

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