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   Chapter 3 Another sleepless night

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Katherine looks at the clock mounted on the wall. Today had been busy three clients in total had requested her as their lawyer. That on top of her already heavy work load had increased the pressure to get cases sorted quicker.

So instead of sitting at home drinking the bottle of sauvignon blanc that has been cooling in the fridge and has her name written on it. She is sitting in the office at ten thirty in a soft office chair bent over a huge leaver arch folder full of notes. Her eyes start to feel heavy after a while and she has trouble keeping them open, so she gives up and decides to call it a day.

Logging of the computer she shuts it down and gathers up four ring binders worth of information, she has on one of her cases. Shrugging her bag on her shoulder gently so she doesn't drop all the folders she's nursing in her left arm. After a little struggle she leaves the office waving goodbye to the security guards Ella and Sam.

Her Mercedes-Benz is waiting for her in the car park.

By the time she gets home it's dark, its a miracle she even got home she could barley keep her eyes open.

She walks straight to her room and collapses on to her soft haven of a bed. She lets out a groan at the thought of having to get up again to take her medication. But hauls herself out of bed to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

When she finishes taking the extensive amounts of medication her doctor so kindly prescribed to her. she hobbles over to the safety of her bed.

Sleep came easy to Katherine, her last thought before she drifted into slumber was about what will happen now he's back...

James paced his office, should he appologise? he was rude, Too harsh, Of course he was. He was still thinking of Katherine face when he told her she was a whore. He knew she wasn't, he was lashing out angry at himself.

He went over to the liquor cabinet and poured himself a strong drink. He heard the door creak and looked up to see Elena standing looking at him her eyes where sad and a worried expression on her face. He ignored her, fuck he needed this drink.

He knew in his heart he had been too quick to open his mouth he was always prone to blurt things out in the heat of the moment but he really had let loose on Katherine.

The fact she didn't cheat on him still haunted him but he can't change what had happened all those years ago. He wasn't good enough for her, she was gentle and caring he was a brute. He should just leave her be, hold back the returning feelings he was experiencing and continue this strictly professional communication with her.

Maybe just maybe things will turn out alright. With that final thought James falls asleep in his office chair for the fourth night in a row.

The streets are full of important people on a Thursday morning. People decked out in their business suits. Katherine knew she belonged in the busy scene of new York. she had worked for in it for years. Her marriage had ended and her intentions where to pursue her dreams and wishes of becoming a big shot lawyer in the big apple but every morning when she walks to work she can't help feel a little ache in her heart.

The firm Katherine works in is always busy people constantly moving around but today is unusual the main entrance is de

ad silent the only sound to be heard is the echo of her stilettos on the marble floor but the hallways are still buzzing with important clients.

Thursdays are always the busiest she never did understand why. For most places it would be a Friday because it was the day before the weekend but people tried to avoid the Friday rush coming on Thursday instead but they all fell into the same trap. Trying to miss the busy day they hit it bang smack in the ass.

Katherine often laughed at it how people walk in smiling like a Cheshire cat at how smart they think they are and When they see the foyer empty like a wasteland on a Thursday they smile all the more but the instant drop of the smile when the elevator doors open to reveal a rather crowded 3rd floor is just comic.

Her cubicles phone rings and she reached to answer it

"Hello this is Katherine gray speaking" her usual office introduction rolls off the tip of her tongue as soon as she put the phone to her mouth.

"Oh i thought you might have kept my name still hanging on to the hope that we still have a future." A smooth husky voice answers

Her eyes automatically roll themselves at the reply she received

"Hello Mr Saunders how may i help you?" her tone comes of rather guarded and she crosses her fingers hoping he hadn't noticed

"I was just wondering if you have decided on a course of action with our case yet" his sexy gruff voice makes Katherine clench her legs together as a familiar sensation runs through her.

"I'm sorry Mr Saunders but i have more than one client at the moment so considering our first meeting was yesterday i haven't had the chance to look at your case thoroughly" she knew he wouldn't be pleased but it was the truth she had eighteen cases on her shoulders two due in court this week and four the next week so she really hasn't had the opportunity to look through it

She hears him sigh deeply and braces herself for the reply she was cautiously awaiting "Katherine, I told you i want this a priority case

What could be more important than me after all i'm probably paying you more than double the other clients." His voice is sharp but his reaction not as harsh as she expected.

She nodded though she knew he couldn't see her "Sir I will look at it this evening after my court case but i'm afraid thats the best I can do" she smiles at her answer standing up for herself was important where James was concerned.

"I am giving you two more days. If you have nothing then I will change over firms " He shouts loudly.

Katherine looks at him dead in the eye, shook by his sudden outburst but manages to reply shakily to his threat.

"I-i haven't done anything wrong Mr Saunders" she smiles at the level of calmness she portrays compared to the butterflies and little bees flying in her stomach.

"You really think that matters Katherine" his voice is lowered now and the level of intensity grows by the minute

"I'm James Saunders i have money and fame he will listen to me i could destroy you and you fucking family and their families so you better watch and make sure your brain is fucking working today or else" with that he hangs up and Katherine feels the hairs on her neck rise as the fear sets in.

Another sleepless night for her then...

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