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   Chapter 2 Buisness as usual

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James would be lying if he said he knew Katherine would be his lawyer. His version of acting cool seemed to be working though. If the supprised look on Katherines face was any indication, she hadn't known either. After all if she had she probably wouldn't have taken his case on.

The tension in the room made him angry. He remembered what happened vividly, he fact that he thought she had cheated on him and she caught him doing very un Christian things with that girl, made his blood boil. A huge fucking mess.

She looked good. Her skirt was a little too short and her blouse a little too fitted. He could tell she was giving the men in her office a show. That thought didn't help James's mood one bit.

He let his eyes scan her body. Her legs long and slender a creamy colour. Her waist small and her dark hair pulled up in a ponytail. She turned around to pick a folder of the floor and the view wasn't bad. In all Katherine looked sexy and beautiful, but she always had

No he can't think like this and thankfully henry his legal assistant speaks up. "Shall we get down to business then?" He asks.

James takes a deep breath trying to clear thoughts of Katherine from his head and nods.

Katherine points at two chairs on the opposite side of the table and clears her throat "of course please take a seat Mr Saunders"

He looks at her blankly and sits down holding her eyes captive as he did so.

"Ok so lets go over your case" she speaks her voice is still sexy hearing it again lights up the fire that he used to have every time he was with her. What he wouldn't do to have his arms wrapped around her tiny frame.

James smiles to himself at the thought of it.

"Sir?" James snaps out of his thoughts when he hears katherine addressing him

"What" his tone is icy and she flinches a little at it. He can't loose his focus and he knows it.

"I see you are going up against corporation reddings. That's a big technology corporation. Why?" Her professionalism whilst talking made James think about the divorce he knew he had hurt her and the pain was still evident in her eyes. What was she thinking now?

He hated himself for it and he couldn't control his rising anger. Not at her but himself. But like most when he found himself angry he lashed out he didn't want that to be the case today.

"They borrowed money from us and haven't payed it back" his cool tone made Katherine wonder if she even had an effect on him. He's being so sharp. He had no reason to be hostile towards her he cheated on her. The thought brings tears to her eyes, and with her best friend. Lets just say Katherine cut all contact with that friend a long time ago.

"Right well I will have a look through the case and arrange another meeting with you soon" Katherine tells him shutting the folder and stands up holding her hand out to him. He stands up to and waits for henry to leave first.

He ignores Katherines hand and glares at her. "I'm not touching a whore" he speaks with so much certainty Katherine holds back the tears that threaten to spill out. His anger got the better of him what he said was wrong but why would she torture men wearing that. He knew she wasn't a whore that she didn't cheat. But when she stood and her outstretched arms moulded her breasts together making her blouse stretch that little tighter across her chest he realised what he was missing.

"I don't understand" she sobs trying to hold back all the tears.

"You cheated on me spreading your legs to all the men in the freaking state you slut" his voice is deep and radiates the hate. He's jealous of all them othe

r men but he would never admit it. She never did cheat he knows that but he cant help the rage that's burning in him. He wants her back.

She nods her head and walks quickly past him and to the washrooms.

The bathroom is empty and Katherine locks a stall door. She inhales deeply and slides down the side of the stall. Why her? Why now?

She lets herself cry.

James stands in the meeting room feeling guilty but pushes it to the back of his head. Its her own doing wearing outfits like that in a professional environment. He signals to henry to grab the car and they leave the Hudson law firm.

Katherine had always dreamed of being a big shot lawyer and now she seems well on her way. Its a shame he had to ruin their relationship on her way.

When he found the pictures lying in the white envelope on his desk addressed to him sent from an anonymous source the pain shot through him. To the world he has always been cold, Katherine was the one and only person who got to see his true colours and then she cheated on him with that guy from her office. He felt used and broken, his world falling apart He didn't even think to check if the image was Photoshoped. The anger boiled and he felt he needed to get revenge so he slept with her best friend at the time. She had been trying to seduce him for a while and she walked into his office finding them mid thrust.

The memory makes him cringe at the thought. her face wore a pained expression which he thought was obviously fake at the time. she never cared and he had to pretend neither did he.

It wasn't until after he threw the divorce papers in her face and kicked her out of the house did he find out the truth...

5 years ago... the day of the divorce

Katherine had just taken the test and passed she was glowing with happiness as she walked up to james office to tell him the news. she walked towards James office door when penny his assistant stopped her.

"oh, hi Katherine I didn't know you would be coming in today" she fidgets as she stands blocking Katherines way to James

"It was an unplanned visit, now would you excuse me" penny steps to the side but before Katherine enters she grabs her arm and Katherine turns to look at her

"I'm sorry" penny apologises Katherine stares at her confused but shakes it of before entering the office.

"hi baby I have so-" she stops dead in her tracks as her eyes zero in at the sight in front of her "what the hell?"

James is standing mid thrust inside her naked best friend shelly

Shelly looks up at Katherine and smirks "hi wanna join us" Katherine nearly vomits at the thought but stares right at James.

Who has frozen. " I want a divorce you piece of shit" he spits out coldly with such and icy tone Katherine has to fight back the tears.

"I-I don't u-under-r stand" she stumbles over her words in an effort to make herself seem calm.

"your a slut I never loved you, I was only with you for sex, you mean noting to me our marriage is one big lie the divorce papers are on the desk. I want you out of my house the lawyer will be in touch" he growls at her.

She walks over to the desk picks up the folder. walks back over to James and he looks at her expectantly.

Her hand reaches up and softly caresses his face before coming down hard on it. he groans in pain and when he is busy nursing his sore cheek she takes the opportunity to kick him where the sun doesn't shine. Which hurt because he was naked. with that she flipped her hair and stormed off not before turning and giving shelly the middle finger. no words spoken just a few unfriendly gestures.

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