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   Chapter 51 Epilogue

Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 4583

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"Wow! This place is georgous. I knew you are rich, but not to this extent. I hope your parents did not spend too much money, just to impress me." Aphelia eyed the luxurious apartment.

My dad sugested to have a dinner in his throne building, but it would be too much for her. So they decided to take this event to mother's new apartment, where she spends a time, while at work.

Rooms are very cozy looking in icy blues and greens. A room where we are dining does not have windows, which would draw our attention away from important matters.

"Don't worry. It is nothing much. Come!" I extended her my hand to lead her deeper in to apartment.

My mom was sitting by a table and as soon as we walked in, she stood up. Her wavy dark hair rested on her shoulders and her eyes gleemed with happiness, like always.

"Aphelia! This is my mother." We walked up to her and she gave Aphelia a tight hug.

"Nice to meet you, Aphelia. I have heard a lot of things about you from my son."

"Really?" my girlfriend shy away a little bit. "You look very much like a daughter of William Elkwood."

My mother just smiled. She was well aware of my plan, so she played along, but someone else did not, as his low voice came from a doorway of a room next to us: "Because she is."

My dad had appeared right next to Aphelia, his humongous body looming over her. Tonight he put

behaved quite well. Aphelia felt less tense around them and started to see, what my family is like in reality, not of what people say around.

Both of my parents cleared a table themselves and took the dishes to wash them in a kitchen. We were left alone and she told me everything that was on her heart tonight, all her fears, doubts about me and my family.

"You know, he is not such a monster, like everybody is making him to be." I assured my girlfriend.

"Nox, stop telling her lies. I still am." My dad said while passing the rooms.

"Shut up, dad!" I shouted as his form enetered a kitchen, where my mom was working.

They looked so happy together. Even after so many years. The look in their eyes, the way they treat each other, is something I have never seen in anyone else.

I just hope that my relationship with Aphelia will be so much like a one of my parents – filled with love and trust.

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