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   Chapter 50 Epilogue

Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 9254

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Time to leave my job and head back to city's edge to see Aphelia. She comes back from town of Besca, where she does her work on educating people, how to grow their own food and manage the systems in order to do so. We have been dating for almost a year and still I haven't introduced her to my parents. A problem is in that of who I am. Well, not even of me, but my father. He is not the friendliest person to be around.

Aphelia is a girl, who does not care about my social status, my wealth as well as my popularity among the girls in Amber. It is been a biggest problem of my life. Those women who know, who I am, are either crazy attracted to me or afraid to make contact. And most of them do not care about my looks, but my social status. I am tired of it. To avoid all attention, I have taken work in 'AmberSol' factories. I could stay days in there, just to get my hands in machinery. My passion - robot construction. But a simple part of it - a mechanic part of job. I am not good at aesthetic details.

I feel little bit stressed. I want to take her for dinner with my father and mother, but I am scared of what she might think of me, after seeing them. She might change her thoughts about me or leave me completely. But at the same time I know, she is not that kind of person to change an opinion on somebody, just by his family or anything else. That's a biggest reason, why I care so much about her. Aphelia is kind, beautiful and does not judge people - an opened minded girl.

I do not worry about her seeing my mother. She is a most nicest person alive, but a problem is my dad. He is very strict, demanding, temperamental. He does not like anyone, who stands in his way. And take drastic actions towards anyone, who disobeys him or causes trouble. He is a scary dude for everyone else. But towards his family and friends, he can be very loving. I just hope he will not scare Aphelia away from me. I will have to ask him to behave nice or I will tell my mom and she will get it straight with him.

My dad is a strict ruler over this city and has been for almost 25 years. I was told, that he was a maniac in the beginning, cruel and evil, people feared him and in some way they still do. My mom on other hand is a quite opposite - kind, caring and fair. No one can tell my dad what to do, only my mom has that power. He will do anything for her and will only follow her command.

"Hello? Nox? Are you there?" I hear Aphelia's call, which automatically connects to my earpiece.

"Yeah. Are you already in Amber?"

"Yes. I will be off the (sand) ship in couple of minutes. You seem excited. About what?"

"Uhmm. I am happy you are back and...... I want to ask you something else."

"What?" She let out a girly giggle.

"Get off the ship and I

ias basket and I could see, that she is little bit wary of him.

"Are you OK?"I whispered her.

"I am fine. I just did not expect to meet these 'people'.... I mean..."

"I understand."

Cole took another and placed it on Alison's desk: "That is a birthday gift from my mother. She said, if Alise wants more, she can come by at any time."

"I better don't. She will steal all of Kyra's harvest in minutes."

I knew, that's a joke from Cole's side, but a stranger would not be able to tell, as his face was always devoid of any visible emotion.

We left a station and headed back to our apartment to get ready for our night.



"I have been thinking.... where does your mother get so many fruits?"

I looked at her with a wide grin: "It is a secret.... tonight you will see, where."

"Nox....I don't like, when you keep secrets from me." Aphelia pouted.

"This is a last one, I promise."


"Mom! Tell dad to behave tonight! This is very important to me and I don't want him to scare her off. She might be enough, after seeing you both."

"I will, Nox. We have everything ready. And don't worry about anything. I already talked with Bryce about this many times. He just wants her to be an honest and trustworthy person."

"Thanks, mom. She is."

I disconnected a call, turned to face Aphelia and let out a nervous breath. That's how I felt. Funny....... because they are my own parents. I should know better, that to worry about these things.

"Ready? Are you excited?"

"Excited? No! They are just your parents. It is not like I am going to see a king of this city."

I felt my face go pale. So, that means, that she would be nervous, when facing my dad.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah. I am fine. Just little bit nervous."

Aphelia smiled at me and gently petted my shoulder: "Lets go!"

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