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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 9001

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Cole was mad, but like always, his face revealed nothing. He have released my arm to let me walk on my own back to my room in hotel. I tried to stop and talk to him on the way, but he pushed me every time, like some type of criminal. I noticed, that Cole is avoiding his urge to grab and drag me, so we could get back faster. His fingers flexed and twitched now and then and I wondered, is it some kind of side effect of the virus? He said to Bryce, what is wrong, but I failed to hear it properly, through my struggle in his hands.

He was quiet all the way to my room. That's a characteristic of him, when he is mad or angry about something, I have learned. This just adds to his mysteriousness. It is almost like a time bomb. You don't know, when it is going to blow up or how, as he keeps everything in himself and is not showing it outwards in any way.

Cole pushes me a last time in a room and closes a door behind us. I feel very frustrated of the fact, that he came after me, as I was discussing important matters with his leader. Though, in the end Bryce decided the worst for my well being. Cole is not going to let me go. I knew it now. And I knew, that something is going to come from him, as he was quiet as a dead man. It scared me and I felt my heart picking up it's speed.

?Why did you go there to see Bryce? Was it again about me? Haven't I told you, that he does not care, what is going to happen with a single, young girl, he knows nothing about?" Cole said calmly, but I knew it is not how he feels.

?And why are you not willing to let me go? That is a reason I was there, because I am tired of you, Cole. Besides, you have never told me, why you are keeping me locked up, just that bullshit talk about safety and such, but I know it is not a reason for you."

His movement cut my talk farther, as he made some steps near, where I was standing. Cole's green eyes were set hard on me and his fingers were still twitching. If a human would exhibit such behavior, than I would think it of nervousness, but I doubt, that it is in his mind.

He was just a feet from me, when he stopped. I wished to back off, but thought, that maybe if I stand my ground and show him I am not afraid, he will drop, whatever is in his head. But I did a pretty bad at hiding my nervousness.

His arm came up and he gently caressed my cheek. What is he going to do? Cole have kept his hands to himself for a long time. His stare was focused on my eyes and I could not take a pressure from it, so I averted my gaze down, to avoid his green gaze. His metal arm grazed on my skin until it was on my neck. His hold on it was gentle, but it still gave me uncomfortable feeling.

?Cole.... no.

uld help you differently, I would take a different approach to that situation. But what's done is done. We cannot turn back time, nor forget things we did. It is funny, how your father foresaw, how much of a trouble you would be." Cole looked at me through a corner of his eye, then turned back away from me. "To answer your question, I will not let you go until I die. I will not fail to fulfill the last order given by my first commander - detective Solace. If you want to get free from me, you will have to take more drastic actions."

I could not say anything to him at this moment. I was overwhelmed and sad. I have calmed down my nerves, as I was listening in to his words. I felt bitterness for that my father chose to leave me alone. I really miss him. Always. He trusted Cole, even when he betrayed his police colleagues. I should respect that, I should respect his last wish he gave to Cole.

"What happened to you?" I dried my tears as I watched Cole' s lean back.


"Your arm? Why is it doing that..... twitching?"

"Promise me, you will not tell him this..."


"To Bryce."

"I promise."

"I almost brought back his woman - Kyra. But she managed to escape by electrocuting me with an old power charged grenade. It damaged something in me, so I can't control my strength I am using. I have no power over it, but it will pass and besides I will see a mechanic to take care of it. Don't worry, I will not lift a single finger to touch you, while a problem is not fixed."

"Why do you want to keep it a secret from him. Do you fear him?"

"He is stronger than me, as I have got a taste of his power before. And as his friend, I have failed to bring her back, I have failed my mission."

"I promise, I will not tell him about this nor anyone else."

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