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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 9592

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Two years later.

I am tired of being here in this hotel. As Cole is gone from city, I am not allowed to walk the streets of Amber on my own. In some way, I still feel like prisoner. I want to be free, but Cole's opinions are different of mine. He still thinks, I might get in trouble, if left alone.

Again I have been nagging Sharlene to let me see Bryce or E-Ono, how they call him here. I have not seen him ever throughout these years, so I am curious of what kind of robot he is, as everybody fears him so much. Even Sharlene is afraid of him, though, she have known Bryce before. I have to try to talk to him and convince him to let Cole give up on me.

I still don't know, why he is keeping so close watch over me. I have got a better understanding of these robot emotions, but not from Cole himself. He is just like a blank page. His character is the same, like he used to be before the infection, just these traits are more prominent than they used to be. I understand, that his build is not allowing him to express his feelings outwards, but even then, he could at least tell me how he feels. Maybe we wouldn't be conflicting so much. The lack of his expressions sometimes still makes me scared of him. I haven't erased the memories of his doings to me and my father. That might be a reason, why I am unwilling to accept him in my life.

I am sitting in an artificial garden located in the same hotel I am living in. It looks real, but it doesn't feel right. I walked pass the forest of Elkwood family and a feeling is different, air coming from it is fresh and experience I guess is beyond comparison. They are finishing constructions on the dome, so soon I will not be able to take glimpses on it's beauty.

Sometimes I feel like a royalty, by living here, away from harms way, having an exceptional food and treatment from robots around, but it is getting boring and I wish to get my old life back, a freedom that I am lacking. I have seen other common people getting pushed around by robots, treated like slaves, especially at the forest rebuilding. I heard that Bryce is very demanding about that section to be taken care of and any disobeying from the people working on it is severely punished, as I learned from Cole. He have been beating up those people time to time, by a command of Bryce. Bryce have placed the most problematic to do a work and so they get the treatment they earn.

"Hey, Alison! Did you want to talk to me?" Sharlene comes by a coffee table I am relaxing at.

"Yeah! I know you are going to kill me for asking this, but..... Could you let me talk to Bryce? Please! I need to."

"I am not going to kill you, but Bryce might do it. I will let you see him, only it is on your own responsibility. If something happens, don't blame me. I have warned you hundreds of times."

"I understand. When I will be able to see him?"


mad. Even without his expressionless face I can tell it. His hold was very painful and I unwillingly let out a scream.

"My apologies, Bryce. She will not disturb you any longer." Cole was focusing on his leader.

I noticed something odd about his movements, but my trail of thoughts were cut short by another strong squeeze to my arm. It felt like he is going to break it. What was wrong with him? Is he really so mad at me?

"What happened to you? Are you OK?" Bryce questioned Cole again.

"Nothing to worry about. Just a minor malfunctioning of my system. A trauma caused by some criminal. It will pass."

"Alright. Make sure to see Natalie about it later. She will know how to help you." Bryce eyed us both for a minute as I was desperately struggling to get free of Cole's agonizingly painful hold.

"Cole? Is she your....?"

It looked like they understand each other without saying a word. I remembered that I failed to explain the whole situation to Bryce about my request.

"Please, say him to leave me alone and set me free! Please! You cannot leave me with this 'man'."

I was waiting eagerly for his response, but when it came, my heart dropped in to my stomach.

"Keep an eye on her! Do not let her get away and dissapear! I don't want you to be in the same situation as I am now."

Cole dragged me out of the room, Sharlene closed it behind us, her face showing an apologetic look.

"Cole, let go. You are hurting me!" I begged him, but he did not listen. At the moment his hold got weaker, and then it came back with a full force. If this continues, he will break me in to pieces.

"Shut up! Do you understand what were you doing? Do you have no regards of your own life? We will have a serious talk about this, lady. Now. Move and don't make me more angrier, than I already am."

It felt like this time I am going to die. Not from the hands of Bryce, but Cole's instead.

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