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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5684

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His metal jaw scraped against my cheek, as his hands were still 'examining' me. I could not allow him to go any farther.

"S....stop it, Cole. Do you understand, what are you doing? You are breaking every law, you used to follow. Is your police uniform just for show nowdays?"

He stopped, but did not release me yet. I hoped, he will consider my words and they will have some effect on him.

"And that is....?" his voice came over my head, as my form just reached up to his chin.

"Have you lost your memory? It is illegal to engage in sexual contact with underaged person." I spit out totally annoyed of him playing dumb. "I am barely 16, I am not an adult. You can't do these things to me!"

"Uhmm ....rules. Do they matter now, when the old government is gone? We make the new rules. But...... if you wish so, I can wait. I will be patient."

Cole let go of me before taking hold of my face in his both bloody hands. His gaze piercing my eyes, with nothingness in them, while mine were still teary. Then he left me and headed for a door. Before he closed them, I hear him say, most likely to himself: "Will I ever get used to them? So annoying.....".

I collapsed on the floor, after my legs gave out and let out everything, that was inside of me, by crying. I thought he will do that stuff, feeling him so over me. I haven't had any sexual experience before, so this was very scary to me. Having such intimacy with a murderer, a robot was even more nerve wracking, than it should be.

If my school life wouldn't be so messed up, I would have boyfriend by now, but after the incident, nobody dared to approach me, fearing my dad. I can't accept these things coming straight away. I nee

Cole too? Can I see him then?"

Sharlene shook her head: "No. You can't see him. I will not allow you."

"Why?" I was desperate.

"He will kill you. Bryce is very short tempered right now, when Kyra is gone. He will take all his rage out on you. I will not allow you to give your life for such a stupid reason as your freedom. At the moment the safest place for you is here and under a watch of Cole."

"But...maybe he can order Cole to let me go. Please.... I have to talk to him."

"He will not. Yes, Cole is under his command, but he is also Bryce's friend. He most likely be in favor of his kind, than you. Sorry, Alison, but I can't help you."

Sharlene petted my shoulder apologetically and proceeded to leave my room.

"Please! I can't stay here. I don't want to. Cole is a .....maniac. I am afraid. ...... I am so scared....." I cried to her disappearing form.

She gave a last sad look and closed a door leaving me all alone again.

I need to find a way out of here. I need to talk to Bryce. If Sharlene is not willing to take me to see him, then I will ask Cole himself. I have no other choice right now.

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