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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7219

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I woke up and first thing I did came instinctively. My body jerked away from a sudden source of contact. Thinking it might be Cole, I drew myself away from approaching touch. My eyes came up and something unexpected was looking at me. It was a young woman, with red dreaded hair. Her eyes gazed at me with sorry expression.

My body was still very weak, but I felt that I am getting better. I just need some food and I will be my old self.

?Good. You are awake. Some food would be good for you." she said calmly and came closer to me.

I noticed myself and where I was. In a large, comfy bed and in a room I did not recognize. I carefully looked around and saw a huge glass window facing the city of Amber. I was very high up, as the other buildings seemed to dwarf the one I was in.

My eyes came back to a woman near me: ?Where am I? .....Who are you?"

Every word came over my lips with struggle, my throat still sore, from all the screaming and lack of water from previous days.

?You are safe here. Don't worry. I am Sharlene. Now, take some food. You have not eaten for many days. Must be starving?" she gave me a warm smile, but her eyes looked very sad.

My eyes landed on a plate in her hands. The contents looked very strange, something I did not recognize.

?What is it?"

?Some fruits and grain bars. It is good, try!" Sharlene watched me, as I suspiciously examined bits on my plate. ?Believe me, it tastes much better, than that crap you are used to eat." Then she flashed a smile, which looked real and lighted her face.

I took one very juicy piece and slowly put it in my mouth. I almost choked on it, tasting a flavor of this foreign food. It was so good and delicious, I have never tasted anything so amazing in my life.

?See! I told you, you will like it."

Something still troubled my mind. I did not know, where I was.

?Sharlene? Where am I?"

?You are in IR Hotel. Don't worry about the thing. You will be safe, as long as you stay in this room."

?What do you mean? Can't I go outside? What is there so .... ?"

The door of this room came open with a force, that shook my calm. My body froze of seeing Cole

It stayed there for few seconds. I was afraid to even breath.

?So warm..... I can feel your pulse and blood flowing through your neck....."

Then he continued farther down my body. I did not like where this was going, but I was unable to move in his hold, so afraid.... Only thing that managed to come out were tears of my mental struggle.

Cole's hand stopped again on my hip and he pushed me closer to him, so close, that there was no space left between. This time I could not take it anymore. I pulled my hands up, putting them on his chest, I pushed him, but nothing happened, only his hold on me got tight to a point of suffocation. His normal arm now was on my bottom cheek, it stayed there and I started to squirm, feeling his intimate touch.

?I want to feel every inch of your body, your soft skin, a warmth of it makes me crazy. I have never felt anything like this" Cole said in my ear.

?Stop it.... please.... stop...." I cried. Then taking all the courage I said to him: ?Let me remind you something, Cole. You are a robot.... You will never be able to do and feel things that are in your mind right now. You are not a real man...." My tears were still falling.

?You know nothing, how far this 'disease' can progress, Alise. And..... for that matter..... I can always get an upgrade." Cole said a tone quieter and a strong shiver run down my spine, hearing his words, that seemed like a threat or a promise......

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