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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 4844

Updated: 2018-07-18 18:08

I don't know for how many hours I have been here, locked up from rest of the world. My face and eyes were sore from crying and my hair were dump from tears sliding off my cheeks in to them. I was laying on the cold floor and still could not fully comprehend the situation I was in. My father was gone from this life, to never return by my side. This feels even worse, than my mother's disappearance from our family. She never cared for me, but my dad did and it makes me feel even worse. I said some horrible things to him days ago, which I not truly meant. I am so sorry dad.... A lump painfully sits in my throat. What am I going to do now? What Cole is planning to do to me? I feel so scared of him. What happened between them and why he killed my father? Why is this happening to me?

My body started to shake again, as my sobbing got stronger.

This room was very big compared to other cells. More luxurious. Here was a bed, which looked quite comfortable, table, some chairs, toilet. But my mind could not appreciate the state I was in. It did not matter, where I am anymore. Nothing mattered.


It felt like I am here more than a day. I was terribly hungry and thirsty above all. Nothing was in this room, which could stop my need for water. Where is he? Did he left me here to die? It might be true. Why would he spare me? I am nothing to him.

I banged at the door many times in hopes to attract someone's attention, but no one c

t away. Our eyes lock and I see two very familiar green orbs watching me.

I want to get free of his grasp, but again, as little strength that is still in me, is not enough to even push him slyghtly.

?Let go of me! Take your bloody hands off of me.... ? my protests are just quiet whispers, but I am sure he hears me clearly. ?I hate you! I will always hate you for what have you done to me, until a day I die." My sobs come back, remebering the things Cole did to me – killed my father, locked me here and left me to die. I will never forgive him for this.

Cole said nothing, I felt myself lifted up. He was taking me somewhere.

?Where are you taking me? Stop! Let go!" I was so afraid, that tears were able to burst out of my dry eyes.

He squeezed me tighter in his hands, as my cheek rested against his chest.

What happened after that, I don't remember. At one point I passed out of how tired I was, constantly crying, nobody knows for how long.

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