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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 7536

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Cole has been acting weird for a whole week. He seems to be spaced out sometimes, his speech is different, even his movements have changed. The worst of all, is his new attitude - arrogance is coming from him constantly, his words sometimes are much harsher, than it's needed to be. His gaze is plastered on me, more intense than I feel comfortable with and I can't understand, what it means, as his eyes are always the same, expressionless.

Before I said I hate him, that I don't like the way he is, so inhuman. But now..... something is happening to him, something I am unaware about. Strangely, he feels more human like, than robot. My thoughts have changed from that of dislike, to fear. It is so bizarre to see him this way, as I have witnessed his character before the change.

My mind keeps going back to the information I saw on dad's desk. Robots with emotions. Could it be real? Is that what is happening to Cole? But how is it possible? How did he get this infection? Is he dangerous? Can he be violent? There might be something else to him. I am just making wrong conclusions. I have to get these stupid questions and thoughts out of my mind. It is not my business.

Last couple of days I have spent at home, because I don't want to meet him. He makes me nervous. His eyes linger on me for too long, which makes me mentally curl into a little ball, by how emotionally troubled I feel. Cole came to our apartment yesterday to check, if I am alright. Why? It is just so stupid. Did my father asked him to do it? I will have to say him to stop worrying about me. Before he treated me like a child, but now it feels like I am more like a baby, by how much attention I get. This is just ridiculous.

The only good thing about Cole, is that he have managed to take control of his strength used on me, he is not so rough anymore, his hold on me is more gentle, that it was before.

I decide to go and see my father, as he have not been home whole day. He must be tired of constant work.


Police department looks very quiet tonight, despite the problems occurring throughout the city. I do not see a single soul by front door. I walk closer to it and expect it to slide open, but nothing happens. I almost run in to the glass pane. This

s, where they keep criminals. I cried a lot remembering my father on top floors, laying on the ground lifeless. What am I going to do without him...? How am I going to survive.....? If..... I feel that Cole will not spare my life, seeing how easily he took my father's.

"Get inside!" his words boomed in my ear.

He shoved me inside a quite large confinement cell and closed a sliding door behind him completely. Taking slow steps towards me, Cole still was boring in my eyes, his gaze so intense and at the same time cold and dead looking. I backed off as far as I could.

"W....why did you do it? Why k....killed him?" I cried.

"He......never mind. It does not concern you." Cole said calmly.

"It does! He is my father! Everything concerning him is concerning me too!" my temper got through my fear of him.

His black finger came to my cheek and he wiped off a tear, that have left my eye. Then he grabbed my chin and said to me, his face so close to mine, that I could see in his mechanic eyes - so different looking from human ones.

"I have some important things to attend. Wait here until I come. Do not try to escape." He looked back at door behind him. "Not like there is a way....."

"Let go of me, you ..... st......machine!" I pushed him away from me. I wanted to say that word, but saw no point to it now. Nothing matters anymore.

He left the cell and me, not even taking a glance back. I was left alone, completely alone in this cell, in this building........

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