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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6344

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Summer break was a great way to forget about my problems. I spent a lot of time wandering around the Amber city. Most of it I ended up near a forest of Elkwood family. I wanted so much to see the inside. The bottom wall was three or four meters high and I could only see the bits of trees from street below. I was tired of the desert outside. The view have bored me and I wanted a change of scenery for once. But will there be such a thing? I doubt it. For it to happen, needs lots of resources and money, something that government are not willing to waste.

Something strange is happening to people of Amber. Some of them seem to be scared of recent robot attacks and they are starting to cause trouble on streets. This is just a minor thing, but how far will it go? This city is been peaceful, as long as I can remember. More policemen are on guard for any abnormal robot spotting. I have not seen any and I think people are fearing for nothing. Few factories have been closed and no infected robots have been let out, they destroyed them as soon as infection was discovered. And of what I heard, they can get infected only in the begging stages of their existence, before they are let out in public. People just exaggerate things more, then there actually is to worry about.

Even my father is a bit nervous about me spending so much time on streets. It is getting late, sun is setting and whole city is getting it's characteristic shade of orange, as glass buildings are reflecting the disappearing rays of sun.

I notice a group of robot policemen on other side of street attending couple of people, who seem to be causing trouble. I see Cole between them. Not willing to see him, I keep going in opposite direction.

My dad is so happy about Cole's addition to his group of police workers. Cole is in charge of whole robots in the station, their direct commander - a sergeant is his title.

s boring, at least, on streets I can see something interesting, than just four plain walls, as it is in my bedroom.

A car stops by me and I don't need a time to ponder, of who it might be. I already know. It is time to go home.

Today his chin is raised a bit higher and he seems more arrogant than ever before.

"Get in the car. I don't have a time to sit and wait for you whole night." his voice sounded the same, but something was off about him, though, I could not figure out, what was it.

Without a word I did as Cole said. It have become a routine, so my mind is not struggling so much against him now.

I had taken a back seat this time. I looked at Cole, he was the same stoic machine. My eyes landed on the mirror in the front and my heart just skipped a beat. Cole's eyes were boring in to mine, he was looking straight back at me through the mirror. His gaze was still very dead looking, but something made my mind race, seemed for no reason.

"Is something wrong?" I asked and pretended, that I saw nothing.

A small pause came from his side: "No. Everything is fine." He took his eyes back on the road.

That was odd.... His replies usually came straight away, but now he seemed hesitant.

What is happening to him?

Is he broken?

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