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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 5630

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My classmates have been taken by other policemen in department, me on other hand, was still following Cole. I got to know, that I will have a talk with my dad. That is a one good point for having him here as one of the leading man. It will be easier to get myself out of this trouble. My robot companion told me to head to my dad's office, while he himself disappeared from my sight. I felt better to get rid of his company.

My father's office was empty. I took a seat in his big chair behind his desk. The room was very quiet, all the sounds were muffled from neighboring office sections. Police workers were walking around and doing their job. I eyed them for a minute in order to spot my dad somewhere, but he could not be seen. Office door opened and Cole walked in. His eyes boring in to my face. He closed a door and started to unbutton his jacket and shirt in front of me, not leaving his dead eyes from mine. What the hell is he doing? I felt my cheeks getting a shade darker.

"What are you embarrassed about?" Cole broke the silence.

"Me? I am not.... What are you doing here? Don't you have a job to do? Somewhere else?" I made my 'dhaaa' face.

"Detective Solace ordered me to change back in to my uniform."

"And why are you stripping here? Don't police have a changing room or something?"

"My uniform is here, in this office."

I growled inwardly. Why he has to be here, next to me again? I am tired of his presence. Feeling more embarrassment taking hold on my face, I spin in my chair away from his piercing gaze, before taking in his appearance. His upper clothing is already off and I see him, as he is made. One arm is black metal, mechanic looking, whi

re even an eye contact to this person. I was really fed up with everything.

"Come! I will take you home."

"Not you again." I groaned recognizing a voice of my nightmare. " Can I go home by myself?"

"You are still under the eye of police. Either you stay here, in a cell for a night or let me take you home. Your choice."

"Fine...." I stood up and started to walk towards the exit. There was no point to fight back this stupid and stubborn machine.

"Where are you going?" Cole's voice rumbled over me.

"Home. Didn't you say, you are going to take me there?"

He drove me home and dropped me in front of my apartment building. I did not say him anything after that, just left him standing, until I closed a door behind me, I saw him leave.

My dress was dry by now and my mind have been freed by the alcohol that have entered me earlier at night. Only a messy looking being was all that was left of me. Before going to sleep, I cleaned up myself.

I just hopped that by some miraculous reason, I will not see my classmates again next year. And hoped, that I will not encounter Cole too, anytime soon.

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