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   Chapter 41 Bonus chapter 3

Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 8696

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I walked up the stairs to some quieter place. I need time to be by myself and calm down. I was nearly meters away from Monica and her guy - just seconds away from a moment of embarrassment in front of everyone attending a ball.

Some people were walking through hallways. I climbed higher up the stairs in hopes, that a next floor will be empty or maybe someone will have left a classroom opened. I found one and scurried inside. I could hear a music and people chatting and having fun floors bellow. I felt myself fall asleep on a desk, where I was sitting for a long time.

A loud noise startled me from my nap. My eyes were still fogy and I could not see clearly, what's in front of me. A door opened and in walked my classmates. What are they doing here? Have they found me? I saw Monica and her boyfriend and some others from my class. They looked already quite drunk, as their walk was wobbly and the way they talked, was far from clear. They have not noticed me in the light avoided classroom, being consumed in their little fun filled world. Before I could hide, one of the guys spotted me.

?Hey, guys! Look who is there!" he pointed at me, with a bottle in his hands. It was an ordinary drink, but I knew, there is something far stronger than that, filled in.

?A party killer! What have you planned for this night? Too late Alison, we have already enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Right guys?"

All of them let out a loud laugh. I wanted to get out of here, out of their presence. I knew, that they will come up with something stupid to entertain themselves - by harassing me.

?Why are you not answering, Alice?" Monica snickered.

?I know, what we should do, lets give her some of this. I am sure she wants to be a part of our group." he showed his drink to everybody.

I silently shook my head and attempted to squeeze through them to exit this room. Unfortunately I got stopped and two of my own classmates pushed me back and placed me on a desk in front of the classroom. I was laid on my back and tried to kick them away, but to no avail. I was scared of what they are going to do to me. Monica's boyfriend took the same bottle and poured the alcoholic contents on my face, missing my mouth. Some of liquid got caught in my nose. It burned.... They were just laughing and laughing. I felt tears start to blur my vision and I deeply hoped they will stop torturing me and leave me be.

I do not want to cry in front of them. Please, do not cry, I begged to myself.

Suddenly a bright light poured on the spot I was laying and on all the others. I peered my eyes at the do

ll next year. A little relieve is, that summer break is on the next day, and I will not see my tormentors for couple of month.

More police robots entered the doorway and I was surprised, that no human ones were present., They have no way out of this, I knew. Robots will not listen to their pleads, like Cole did not listen to mine.

One by one they were taken out, the last were Monica and her Boyfriend left. They gave me deeply hateful looks before disappearing. One robot policeman came towards me, but then Cole stopped him: ?I will take care of her.".

He took hold of my hand and started to pull me out the empty classroom. I was scarred of my classmates and I was mad at him. If he wouldn't have come here, everything would have turned out differently.

?Let go of me, you....." frustrated and angry I pushed him away. ?I hate you! You. Stupid. Machine."

Tears were welling in my eyes of how hurt I felt. I was nearly over the bad memories of my father's doing, but now Cole did the exact same thing. Why did he have to involve police in this?

?You know, that your words mean nothing to me. Quit acting like a small child and follow me." Cole ordered.

?You will never know, how it feels, to loose everything, by this kind of simple act. Friends, carefree life, peace. You have no idea how it feels like. You don't feel......anything." I mumbled quietly, while tears were falling silently.

"No, I don't."

Cole's words were cold and plain, empty they felt. Everything he said, seemed to be put in his head by someone else. There never was a personality to any of the robots in this world. they look so human, but there is never anything human like in them. I hate it. I hate robots and now I hate him too.

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