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   Chapter 40 Bonus chapter 2

Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6520

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I am almost ready to go, the last thing is to get some courage to get out of my house. My outfit is nothing special, just a dark red strapless dress, reaching only to my knees. My dark blond wavy hair are taken up in a bun and my curls are weaved around it. I did not pick anything extravagant in hopes to avoid any attention drawn from others.

A doorbell rang and my heart jumped, not from a sudden sound, but of thought, who might be behind these doors, who is going to be my partner for tonight. I take a deep breath and open a door.

I see a young man in the same outfit my father bought. He is taller than me, with short coal black hair. He is not skinny, nor too muscly, a fine and lean body type. Right now, he is not facing me, as he is taking a look around the corridor in this apartment house. I notice an odd thing on him. His right hand is made of black metal, while his other one is completely human like. He is a police officer, must have had an accident somewhere in his life, I think, observing his artificial arm.

He turns around and from a shocking sight, I almost loose my balance. He.... he is a robot. His upper face is human like, with some ridges of his facial plates, but his lower jaw is made of the same metal as his right arm? His eyes..... green and dead looking. Is this some kind of joke? He must be coming for someone else. There is no way my dad would send a robot for me.

"Alison Solace, we have to go to arrive in time." he says bluntly.

He is after me, as I hear him say my name. I feel little bit hesitant, he looks very intimidating from front view. We stay in corridor for couple of silent minutes until he grabs my upper arm and starts to drag me to the exit of apartment building. I barely managed to close a door from his sudden move. His hold was strong on me, too strong for my comfort. We stopped in front of car and I was glad to see it as ordinary one. I was thinking we will be going in

you? Are you always so brutal?" I could not hold in my thoughts.

"That is a lightest force I can work with. They did not made me weaker, as my subjects, would escape my hold."


"I chase and immobilize criminals. That is my job."

Before I could answer, he grabbed me whole and pushed towards his hard chest and started a slow dance. I was so close to him, I was barely able to breath from a hard pressure put on my back by his hand.

"You are killing me, please, don't hold me so tight. Please." I whispered and hoped he will hear me.

Cole's hand released me a bit, to have some space for me to breath.

"How is it, you can perform a dance and not be able to control your power?"

"Detective Solace installed me some dance moves, before I came. It is not a requirement for me to be able to perform such tasks."

Over Cole's shoulder I noticed Monica with her boyfriend coming my way. I knew, what this is coming to. He wants to embarrass me in front of everyone. I will not allow it to happen.

I pushed Cole's form away from me and turned other way. I was glad, that he was not fast enough to get a hold of me again and I run to the opposite side of dance floor and out the hall to escape my tormentors gazes.

They will not make fun of me in front of EVERYONE.

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