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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 6487

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A yearly spring ball in Toreno high school. It is a biggest event of the the year, which everyone is hipped about. I used to enjoy the party too, some time ago, but not anymore, not in this semester. I will be lucky, if I get a chance to skip it. Why? Because it will be a worst night of my school life.

An incident two summers back, caused me to hate and avoid any school event like this. Like every teen party, this involved some illegal activities, that is - from adults perspective. My classmate tried to convince me to take drugs, which he had taken to share with his own friends. I wanted to be a part of their cool group too and in my mind, I battled for my choice. The idea to be with popular teens were so tempting, that I almost agreed to take a part in their little drug consuming activity. But before they or I could do anything, one policeman caught us and arrested the guy at fault. And that was a biggest problem for me, that policeman was my dad.

Since then, I have not been invited to any other party and every school organized event is a living hell for me, since that incident. I was starting to loose my 'friends', other students made a laughing out of me, as a party killer, and the worst treatment I got from my classmates, especially from a guy, who weeks later got out of confinement. Like I said, he was from a group of popular kids, and along with other classmates, he constantly made fun of me in front of everyone. I felt broken and hurt and tried to avoid them as much as possible.

I got to used to be alone. Bullying from other students have stopped, but harsh words from my classmates are still occasionally coming at me like bullets. And the hurt stays in me for some time, that is until I leave school.

Last year I got one of my 'friends' to be my ball partner, before he left my side, like all others. I never understood the motives of their disappearance from my life. Though, this year, I will have

rk brown transparent walls of glass, that frames his office. I walk in and decide to wait for him. On one of the chairs I notice a formal outfit, neatly packed in a plastic bag. A male shirt, pants, jacket. All in colors of black. Is it for my ball? Is he coming himself?

"Do you like it? Color?" I get startled by my dad's low voice.

"Oh... My..... You scared me. Yeah I like a texture of the fabric. Is it for you?"

"Sorry, Alise. Like I said, I cant find a time to be with you. I bought it for your partner. He does not have such extravagant clothing in his possession, so I got it for him myself."

"Who is it going to be?"

"I could not find anyone, who was free to escort you. This pal is new to our team and only one available tomorrow night. Sorry again, Alise. Next year, I promise. And don't worry, he is a good one, I would trust him my life." my dad smiled and gently patted my shoulder.

"OK. Are you coming home tonight?"

Dad shakes his head in denial: "Sorry, no. I still have lot of things to do." He went through his Micro-H-tab on his desk.

"Just don't overwork yourself, OK?"

He guided me through his office doors and farther way I went on my own.

An uneasy feeling sits in my gut, thinking of tomorrow's night. What kind of man is it going to be?

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