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Princess of AMBER ("A living THING" sequel) By SBany Characters: 9768

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Bryce's POV.

I have almost reached my bike, when I hear that girl's voice behind me, as she was struggling to get free from my men.

"Let me go, you both!" she said frustrated.

Her voice made me stop immediately. Have I lost my mind? Have I gone so insane, that I start to imagine her voice? It sounded so much like Kyra. I could recognize it on the spot, as it was forever embedded in my memory. I turn myself around and start to walk towards her, while examining this girl, who sounds so much like my owner. My eyes roam up and down her body, trying to find any resemblance to Kyra. As closer I am getting, the more my emotions are starting to boil inside of me. Is this it? Is it really her? I am by her side and I look in her frightened eyes. Yes. Those are the same beautiful eyes - big and scared, like I remember from our very first encounter. I cannot contain my emotions anymore. I feel so happy and relieved to have found her.

I feel a tear leave my eye. First, it blurs off my vision and then I feel a warm liquid slowly sliding down my cheek. What is happening to me? Am I crying? Can I ....? It feels kind of relieving, but I can sense that more are trying to burst out of my eyes. At this moment my vision is fully gone. I have so much hurt inside of me, which makes my body tremble by an intensity of the feelings. I loose a strength in my legs and collapse, by her form. My hands instinctively reach to her, until I have got hold of my owner.

"Please..... never.... leave me alone again, Kyra." I barely managed to voice these words.

Her body is so warm and welcoming, despite her frightened state. I squeeze her tighter, I feel like, if I let go of her now, Kyra will disappear again. Then her trembling fingers touch my hands and it snaps me out of my pathetic act. She have changed my composure to the opposite of what I have always been. I stood up and tried to stop my tears. I could see, that she is still confused and does not recognize me. I took off my glasses, to make it easier for her to remember me. My hands again came to her face, touching the smooth and delicate skin of her cheeks, coated by her disappearing tears.

"Kyra...." and again I could not tell a single word to her by how much of a turmoil was inside of my mind.

"Bryce? Bryce? Is that you?" I heard her gentle voice and her eyes started to tear up again.

"I have found you!" and I could not help but crack a smile, despite the pain I was feeling.

I still could not believe I have found her, after so many years of search. Was she real? I felt happy, a feeling long forgotten. I hold her form closer to my body, feeling her's tremble in my hands. Was she happy too to see me or she felt something else? No matter, what her answer is, I will never let her out of my sight again.

"We are going home!" I said in her ear between my breaths. I felt her tense up.

".... but A.. Amber.... and....

ssed my face and startled me.

"That is a new addition to your forest, new life, a present from north. Scoralus and Mane brought them here some time ago."

"What are they?"

"Birds. Aaand.... I have something else for you. Come here."

Bryce guided me deeper in to the forest. My eyes were facing up as I looked at the multiple birds sitting and singing on tree branches. We stopped, but my gaze was still up in a tree tops. Something soft and warm touched my arms. I landed my eyes on it and I almost dropped the small creature back on the ground.

"Be careful." Bryce smiled and put it back in my palms.

"It ..... it is..... an animal !?"

I slid my fingers through it's soft fur. It's big brown eyes were looking straight at me. This animal was so small. And it was my first time seeing one and holding. My eyes filled with tears by looking at the cuteness of this little creature.

".....Thank you, Bryce! Than you so much." I cried.

After many minutes I let the animal back in to the forest. Sun was keeping my body warm and happy. Bryce came in front of me and looked in my eyes. I felt so calm and relaxed. No fear no worry occupied my mind. Like a dream. I remember now, I had a dream like this before, where I felt the same way as now. The only thing that was missing was Bryce's k.....

The sun on my face disappeared, as Bryce pulled me so close to him, as I was barely able to breath. His face and lips just centimeters from mine. My heart rate picked up and before I realized, what is happening, his lips touched mine. He kissed me. It was gentle as a feather and made my stomach burst in butterflies. There was so much emotion in his actions, as he kept kissing me, as I have never experienced from anyone else before.

He pulled himself away a bit and said quietly to me: "Kyra, stay with me forever and never leave me. I want you to help me rule over the Amber. Be my 'princess' and a 'princess' of this city."

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