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Bryce's POV.

A door swung open of my 'throne' room, right in a middle of conversation I was having with a young girl. Cole's form appeared and he rushed towards, but not to me, rather to a girl in my presence. I could tell, he was mad, by his movements, though, his face still, as always. Cole grabbed her fragile arm and she screamed in pain, giving the impression, that he used a force to hold her, too strong for her to withstand.

His eyes came to me: "My apologies, Bryce. She will not disturb you any longer."

I noticed, there was something wrong with him. Cole's body made a frequent unnatural moves and each time he experienced it, his hold on a girl, made her squirm in pain.

"What happened to you? Are you OK?" I was concerned about my closest friend.

"Nothing to worry about, just a minor malfunctioning of my system. A trauma caused by some criminal. It will pass."

"Alright. Make sure to see Natalie about it, later. She will know how to help you."

He nodded and was about to leave. My thoughts came back to a young girl, with who I was talking earlier. Why was Cole so concerned about her, being near me? Is there something I don't know about him? Does he actually care about someone other, than himself, an exception from his duty oriented mind?

"Cole? Is she your .... ?" I asked and his eyes snapped back at me.

There was no need for him to tell me anything farther that line. I knew the answer.

"Please, say him to leave me alone and set me free! Please! You cannot leave me with this 'man'!" girl pleaded and struggled, in attempt to get free from him.

Before I considered her request, but now being aware of whole situation, I have changed my mind.

"Keep an eye on her! Do not let her get away and disappear! I don't want you to be in the same situation as I am now." I advised Cole and hearing that, he left a room, a girl still protesting in his grasp.

Sharlene have brought a girl and now she looked a bit at fault. She was still wary of me, but I have not harmed her ever again and hoped she will get to used to new me. She is safe here.

Another two years later.

Kyra's POV.

A small resource top-up station was hidden between the rocky cliffs, dunes from around adding an extra secrecy from unwanted guests. Today the store was quite empty, only three or four people had arrived from nearby settlements. I had to buy some food and water for upcoming days.

In years I have gathered materials to upgrade my bike and my outfit too. I no longer have those crappy, rusty glasses. Instead I have managed to buy one pieced, black ones, with a simple computer system and earphones. With those I can be in touch with things happening around, as well as listening to music on a lonely days in desert. My hair are tied in ponytail, clothing is more fitting to a desert environment and nothing of me reminds my old self.

A sound of motor outside snaps everyone's heads to the entrance. It is more like a humming, than a regular motor. It stops and I hear a man outside snicker about my bike.

"Look at this old piece of shit. Where did it's rider got hold of this, in a

ooked at me, his face still. I could not tell, what kind of emotion was playing on his features, as his eyes were always shielded. Maybe there was none. We looked at each other, it seemed that hours have passed, but only seconds have gone by.

Then I noticed something unexpected. A lonely single tear found it way to escape the cover of his glasses and was sliding down his cheek all way to his strong tanned jaw. What was happening?

The next move from him shocked me even more. He fell down on his knees and took a gold on both of my thighs, holding them still in his grasp and pushing my form closer to him. E-Ono placed his head against my legs. What was he doing? I felt his breath becoming irregular and more tears soaking the fabric of my pants. He was crying. It was not a single tear anymore, that came from him, but a lot more. He squeezed me even tighter, like not wanting to let me go ever. My hands came to his, as they were clasped on my sides. They were trembling slightly.

"Please..... never..... leave me alone again, Kyra." he said between his sobs.

He hold me for many minutes like that. I struggled to register his words. His voice seemed so familiar, but everything else was so foreign to me. His look, his actions, his overall behavior did not recall anything in my memory.

My heart have not stopped pounding, but now it did for different reasons.

He slowly stood up and took off his glasses. His eyes were boring in to my confused ones - so blue, like sky above.

"Kyra..." he said as he gently caressed my cheeks, he was still crying.

A chance to hear his voice clearer and his bright blue eyes, made me recognize him.

"Bryce? Bryce? Is that you?" I said quietly and felt tears appear in my eyes. My heart exploded with emotions, sadness, happiness, a deep longing filled me. I could not stop, but burst out in tears. He was here. Right beside me, so real and alive. Like a dream.

"I have found you!" Bryce said to me and smiled with so much hurt in his eyes. I have never seen him look so sad.

How did he feel about our reuniting?

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